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  • Precision Redefined: Micro CNC Turned Components for Next-Generation Clocks and Watches
    In the world of clocks and watches, where precision is not just a feature but the very essence, the role of impeccably crafted components cannot be overstated. At JST, we recognize this critical need and specialize in manufacturing micro CNC turned components that set new benchmarks in precision and
  • The application of the micro turning parts
    Micro turning is a precision machining process that is used to produce small, intricate components with high accuracy and precision. Micro turning parts find applications in various industries where miniaturization and high precision are required. Here are some common applications:
  • The Application of Micro Turning Parts in the Electronic Industry
    The electronic industry has been revolutionized by advancements in technology. In particular, micro turning parts have emerged as an essential component of electronic devices, due to their precision and durability. Micro turning parts are small, intricate components that are manufactured through a p
  • Processing and application of the micro turning parts
    Micro turning is a specialized process that involves the production of small parts with high precision and accuracy. These parts are used in a variety of industries, including medical, aerospace, and electronics, among others. Micro turning has become increasingly important in modern manufacturing,

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