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Custom/Customized Clear Plastic Injection Molded Parts

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Material: Polysulfone, PSF/PSU

Material Property: High Temperature Resistance

Processing Method: Injection Molding

Unique Feature: Tooling is very Complex, Several Sliders

Application: Milking Equipment

The injection molded plastic parts are nupulse super bowls, which were used in the field of milking equipment. As one clear injection plastic parts, it requires the surface 100% perfect (no any defect). It is an custom injection plastic parts for the US customers, the material could resist the high temperature of 190 degrees. 

JST has over 10 years experience of making the customized plastic injection parts, the material includes PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PC, PA6, PA12, PA66, POM, PEEK, Teflon/PTFE, etc. and we could supply OEM/ODM services. If you have any inquiries for the injection plastic molded parts, please do feel free to send us drawings or samples for quotation.


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