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Custom/OEM CNC Machinery Milling Turning Aluminum Parts

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Using Al6061-T6 material, we ensure the parts have a high surface roughness standard of Ra0.8 without scratches through CNC turning and surface treatment techniques such as sanding and clear anodizing. We accept customized parts up to 500mm in diameter and 1000mm in length, support 2D and 3D drawings for quotation, and take advantage of quality consistency and competitive price to meet customers' individual needs.

Material: Al6061-T6

Finish Treatment: Sand Blasting, Clear Anodizing

Processing Method: CNC Turning

Unique Feature: Roughness is Ra0.8, no any scratch during processing and transportation

Application: Optics, top cover

The cnc custom turning aluminum part is the top cover of an optical instrument, and it was processed by NC lathe. JST could make all kinds of cnc machinery turning aluminum parts, whatever the material is aluminum, brass, plastic or stainless steel. The Max. diameter of our cnc milling turning aluminum part is 500MM, and the Max. length is 1000MM. If you have any RFQs for cnc oem turning aluminum parts, please do feel free to send us drawings or samples for quotation and we can accept both 2D & 3D files. Custom cnc milling turning aluminum parts is one of our most important sectors, quality consistency & competitive price are our best advantages.

Q: What are the characteristics of Al6061-T6 material in CNC machining?

A: Al6061-T6 is a high-strength aluminum alloy commonly used for structural and mechanical components. In CNC machining, Al6061-T6 is favored for its good mechanical and machinability properties. It is easy to machine and has a high surface quality after machining, which is consistent with the “Roughness of Ra0.8, no scratches during machining and transportation” mentioned on the page.

Q: What is the difference between “Sand Finish” and “Clear Anodized”?

A: “Sand Blasting” is a surface treatment process in which high velocity sand particles are impacted on the surface of a material to deburr, increase surface roughness, or obtain a specific texture. “Clear Anodizing, on the other hand, is an electrochemical process that forms a transparent oxide film on the surface of aluminum, which enhances the material's corrosion resistance while maintaining its natural color. These two surface treatment technologies are employed in the processing of optical instrument top covers mentioned on the page to improve the appearance quality and durability of the products.

Q: What is the maximum diameter and length that JST can process?

A: The maximum diameter of CNC milled and turned aluminum parts we can handle is 500 mm and the maximum length is 1000 mm. This means that we are able to meet the machining needs of large size parts and provide customized solutions for a variety of industrial applications.


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