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Precision Brass Machining CNC Lathe Micro Turning Parts

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Mastering the Art of Micro Machining
Welcome to JST, where precision meets innovation. We specialize in CNC turning micro machining parts, embracing the challenges of crafting components at a micro scale. Our expertise lies in producing parts so small, yet incredibly precise, demonstrating our commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering capabilities.

Materials: The Building Blocks of Excellence
Our material selection is diverse and purposeful. We work with 12L14 and 1215 for their excellent machinability. Brass is chosen for its corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. SUS303 stainless steel is our go-to for durability and corrosion resistance. Each material is carefully selected to meet the specific needs of your project.

Finishes That Define Quality
Our finishing treatments are as diverse as our materials. Zinc plating offers corrosion resistance and enhanced durability. Nickel plating is chosen for its aesthetic appeal and protective properties. Passivating, particularly for stainless steel, enhances corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Micro Machining: Precision on a Tiny Scale
Our automatic and Swiss lathes are at the heart of our operations. Micro machining is our forte. We understand the intricacies of working at such a minute scale. The challenge is real - the parts are extremely small, and the tolerances are incredibly tight. Yet, our skilled technicians and advanced machinery make precision a reality.

Unique Feature: Micro Parts, Major Impact
Our micro parts may be small in size, but their impact is enormous. We specialize in creating components that, despite their tiny stature, play critical roles in the functionality of complex systems. This unique feature of our service is what sets us apart in the precision engineering world.

Diverse Applications: From Industrial to Medical
The applications of our micro CNC turning parts are vast. They are integral to industrial equipment, where precision is key. In the medical field, our parts are used in devices that save lives and improve patient care. Optics, instruments, and automotive industries also rely on our micro parts for their advanced technological needs.

Embracing the Challenge for Diverse Industries
Producing CNC turning lathe micro parts is challenging, but at JST, we thrive on such challenges. Our commitment to precision and quality makes us a trusted partner in industries where there is no room for error. Whether it's a medical instrument, an optical device, or automotive technology, our micro parts are at the forefront of innovation.

Partner with JST for Micro Machining Excellence
Choose JST for your next project that demands micro precision. With our advanced techniques and commitment to quality, we are ready to transform your innovative ideas into tangible, high-precision components. Contact us to explore how our CNC turning micro machining parts can contribute to the success of your projects.


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