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  • The Application of Micro Turning Parts in the Electronic Industry

    The electronic industry has been revolutionized by advancements in technology. In particular, micro turning parts have emerged as an essential component of electronic devices, due to their precision and durability. Micro turning parts are small, intricate components that are manufactured through a p

  • Processing and application of the micro turning parts

    Micro turning is a specialized process that involves the production of small parts with high precision and accuracy. These parts are used in a variety of industries, including medical, aerospace, and electronics, among others. Micro turning has become increasingly important in modern manufacturing,

  • Basic information of precision CNC turning parts

    The processing of precision CNC turning parts is to change the shape and size of the precision CNC turning parts on the lathe, using the rotational movement of the precision CNC turning parts and the linear or curved motion of the tool. At the same time, the precision CNC turning parts are used to t

  • Components of precision CNC turning

    The basic composition of a CNC machine tool for precision CNC turning parts includes a processing program carrier, a CNC device, a servo drive device, the main body of the machine tool, and other auxiliary devices. Here is the content list:l Processing program carrierl CNC devicel Servo and measurem

  • CNC turning plastic parts cutting processing and tool materials

    Cutting and tool materials have an important influence on CNC turning plastic parts. Since the performance of plastics and metals are quite different, and there are many types of plastics, and their performances vary greatly, the cutting of CNC turning plastic parts has its characteristics.Here is t

  • Basic data of CNC brass turning parts

    CNC brass turning elements are quite parts that are processed on a shaper employing a shaper. The motility movement of the piece of work of the CNC brass turning elements and therefore the linear or bowed motion of the tool is employed to vary form|the form} and shape of the blank of the CNC brass t

  • Why use CNC turning aluminum parts for your project?

    Aluminum is a light, non-magnetic, soft silver metal. Aluminum can be made stronger by adding small amounts of elements, such as copper, magnesium and zinc. Aluminum has unparalleled physical properties that allow it to be formed into almost any shape. It can be rolled into thick sheets for armored

  • Why use CNC micro turning parts for your project?

    Based on our automatic lathes & swiss lathes, JST could make all kinds of CNC micro turning parts. Frankly, it is a little challenging to produce CNC turning lathe micro parts, because the size is too small and the tolerances are very tight. We can process most of the materials, such as precision CN

  • What are the benefits of CNC turning plastic parts?

    The growing reliance on plastics for manufactured materials has led to a number of technologies that can improve the quality, performance, efficiency and performance of plastics to suit our growing needs. One such technology is called CNC plastic machining services and is offered by several reliable

  • What are the benefits of CNC turning aluminum parts?

    First developed by John T. Parsons in the late 1940s, the CNC lathe was a modern lathe used during the Biblical period. Using computer numerical control (CNC), this unique machine has the ability to make complex cuts in different types of materials (especially wood, plastic and metal).CNC lathes hav

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