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What is The Color Difference of Injection Molding Products?

We provide high quility China Injection Molded Products. We want to tell you that solutions for color difference in injection molded products:

China Injection Molded Products

Materials: Control raw materials, strengthen the inspection of different batches of raw materials and color masterbatch, eliminate the influence of raw materials and color masterbatch;

Volatile lubricants and mold release agents are used in an appropriate amount;

Mold: Solve the problem of chromatic aberration caused by mold casting system, exhaust groove, etc. through the maintenance of corresponding parts of the mold;

Molding process: avoid the chromatic aberration caused by local overheating and decomposition of materials, and strictly control the temperature of each heating section of the barrel, especially the nozzle and the heating part close to the nozzle;

Injection Molding Machine: Select the injection molding machine with the right specifications to solve the problem of material dead angle in the injection molding machine;

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Nov, 2018
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