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Precision Custom Stainless Steel Investment Casting

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The precision investment casting is a pump, which was used in the field of milking equipment. The material is 304 stainless steel, the finish is sand blasting. For the custom investment casting, MOQ is 1000 PCS and the lead time is 30 days. JST is an OEM manufacturer, we make these kind of stainless steel investment castings according to customer's drawings. If you have any projects with custom stainless steel investment casting or precision stainless steel investment casting, please do feel free to contact us for quotation.

FAQ 1: What is precision stainless steel investment casting?

Answer: Precision stainless steel investment casting is a high-precision casting process suitable for manufacturing parts that require high precision and complex shapes. We use 304 stainless steel material and use sandblasting process for surface treatment to ensure part quality and durability.

Value: This process provides customers with high-precision, durable parts for a variety of demanding applications such as milk equipment.

FAQ 2: What are the customization requirements for precision stainless steel investment casting?

Answer: The minimum order quantity for custom stainless steel investment casting is 1000 pieces, and the production lead time is 30 days. JST is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and we produce according to the drawings provided by our customers.

Value: Our customized services meet customers' specific production needs, ensuring products are delivered on time and meet customer requirements.

FAQ 3: In what fields is stainless steel investment casting suitable?

Answer: Stainless steel investment casting is suitable for various fields, especially in situations where high precision and good corrosion resistance of parts are required. For example, the field of milk equipment is a typical application scenario.

Value: This process can be used in various industrial fields to provide customers with high-quality, durable parts and ensure equipment operation stability.

FAQ 4: Why choose JST’s stainless steel investment casting services?

Answer: JST is an original equipment manufacturer with extensive experience, we specialize in providing high quality stainless steel investment casting services. Our exquisite craftsmanship can meet customers' needs for precision parts. At the same time, we provide customized services and produce according to customer needs.

Value: Choosing JST's services means choosing a reliable partner. Our professional team will ensure that your project goes smoothly and provide you with high-quality products and services.

FAQ 5: How to contact JST to get a quote?

Answer: You are welcome to contact us at any time to get a quote and more information about stainless steel investment casting. You can contact us by email, phone or submit an inquiry form online, and our sales team will be happy to serve you.

Value: We provide convenient and fast communication channels to help customers obtain the quotations and information they need, ensuring effective communication between both parties and achieving win-win cooperation goals.


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