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Custom Precision CNC Machining Engine Spare Parts

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These custom precision cnc machining parts were used in engine, which were made by NC lathe and 3-axis machining center. The materials include aluminum and brass, the finish is sand blasting + clear anodizing. For these precision cnc machining spare parts, the roughness is Ra 0.8 and the tight tolerance is +/-0.01mm. JST has rich experience of making these kind of precision cnc machining engine parts, most of them were exported to the US, UK, Germany and Italy. For some custom precision cnc machining spare parts, we can also do castings/forgings+machining. In addition, we can also do the finishes, such as plating, chroming, paiting, polishing, anodizing and heat treatment. If you have any projects for custom precision cnc machining engine parts, please do feel free to contact us for quotation.

Q: What are the main applications for the custom precision CNC machined engine parts offered by JST Industry?

A: JST Industry's customized precision CNC machined engine parts are widely used in engine manufacturing for automotive, aerospace, and other industrial applications. These parts are critical to engine performance and efficiency, and typically include a variety of precision components such as blocks, crankshafts, camshafts, pistons, and more. Our parts are known for their high precision and excellent surface finish, and we are able to meet the specific requirements of different customers for engine parts.

Q: What are JST Industry's unique advantages in CNC machining engine parts?

A: JST Industry's strengths in CNC machining engine parts include:

High precision machining using NC lathes and 3-axis machining centers.

Wide selection of materials, including aluminum and brass.

Diverse surface finishes available, such as sandblasting, plating, chrome plating, painting, polishing, anodizing, and heat treatment.

Precision machining tolerance up to ±0.01mm and surface roughness Ra 0.8.

With rich export experience, our products are exported to countries such as USA, UK, Germany and Italy.

Q: Does JST Industry provide one-stop service from casting/forging to machining?

A: Yes, JST Industry not only provides precision CNC machining services, but also casting and forging services according to customers' needs, followed by subsequent machining. This one-stop service saves customers time and cost while ensuring the quality and performance of their parts.

Q: What are JST Industry's surface finish options for custom precision CNC machined engine parts?

A: JST Industry offers a variety of surface finish options to meet the needs of different application scenarios. These surface finishes include:

Sandblasting: used to improve the surface roughness of the part and remove burrs.

Plating: such as electroplating, used to improve the corrosion and wear resistance of the part.

Chrome plating: Provides additional corrosion resistance and hardness.

Painting: Used to provide color and protective coatings.

Polishing: Used to obtain a smooth surface and improve appearance.

Anodizing: Used to increase the corrosion and wear resistance of aluminum parts.

Heat Treatment: Used to improve the properties of metal materials.

Q: How accurate are JST Industry's custom precision CNC machined engine parts?

A: JST Industry's custom precision CNC machined engine parts are known for their high accuracy. Our machining tolerances are capable of ±0.01mm and surface roughness of Ra 0.8. This high-precision machining capability ensures the performance and reliability of engine parts that meet the most stringent industry standards.

More about >>CNC machining service.

Richard Thompson - Automotive manufacturing engineer from the UK specializing in sourcing and evaluating suppliers of precision mechanical parts.
——“It was a great experience working with JST Industry. Their custom precision CNC machining services exceeded my expectations. I especially appreciated their attention to detail, machining engine parts with very precise tolerance control and excellent surface finishes. Their one-stop shop, from casting to final anodizing, saved me a lot of time and coordination. Highly recommended to my peers who need high quality engine parts!”

Dr. Emily Anderson - Principal researcher at the German Institute of Automotive Technology, specializing in engine performance and component accuracy.
——“As an automotive manufacturer, we have extremely high requirements for quality and accuracy of our engine parts.The custom CNC machined parts provided by JST Industry perfectly meet our standards. Their 3-axis machining center technology is truly advanced, and the roughness of the machined parts, Ra 0.8, meets our stringent standards. In addition, their customer service is spot on, always responding to our needs and queries in a timely manner. Looking forward to the next cooperation with them.”

Mr. John D. Martin - Purchasing manager for a large automotive parts distribution company in the Midwest, responsible for finding reliable international suppliers for the company.

——“This is my first attempt to source precision CNC machined engine parts from a Chinese manufacturer, and I am very satisfied with JST Industry's performance. Not only did they offer quality material options such as aluminum and brass, but they were also able to customize them to our specific requirements. I am particularly pleased with their plating and polishing services, which have greatly enhanced the marketability of our products. Their delivery time was also faster than expected, which is very important for us to maintain our production schedule. Overall, it was a great purchasing experience and I look forward to a long term relationship with JST Industry in the future.”


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