The classification of micro machining parts

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The classification of micro machining parts

Micro machining parts are parts obtained by laser, electric spark, drilling, and other processes. There are various materials for micro machining parts, such as tungsten steel, ceramics, tool steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, engineering plastics, etc. According to the geometric characteristics of micro machining parts, micro machining parts can be divided into shaft-type micro machining parts, three-dimensional structure micro machining parts, flat-type micro machining parts, and gear-type micro machining parts. Various types of micro machining parts are widely used on different occasions. Let me introduce the classification of micro machining parts. Here are some answers.


Here is the content list:

Shaft micro machining parts

Three-dimensional structure micro machining parts

Flat micro machining parts

Gear micro machining parts


Shaft micro machining parts

Shaft-type micro machining parts are one of the typical parts often encountered in micro-machining equipment. Shaft-type micro machining parts are mainly used to support tiny transmission parts and transmit torsion moments and bear external loads. From the perspective of the function of shaft micro machining parts, the machining of shaft micro machining parts requires high rotation accuracy and surface quality, so the research on the processing of micromachining parts has become increasingly important. When the processed shaft micro machining parts have a large aspect ratio, since the top support cannot be used during the machining process, it is very easy to bend and deform the processed shaft micro machining parts under the action of the radial cutting force during cutting. Resulting in the tail end phenomenon of the processed parts. If the shaft-type micro machining parts have the typical features of shaft-type parts, but also have micro-planes, micro-grooves, micro-holes, and other features, it is impossible to complete such micro-mini shafts by a single turning process.


Three-dimensional structure micro machining parts

The structural features of micro machining parts with the three-dimensional structure are relatively complex, and not only have simple rotation and plane features. Due to the complexity of the structural features of the three-dimensional structure micro machining parts and the unique process characteristics of the parts themselves, the difficulty of micro machining parts processing is increased. In the process of processing, it is necessary to reasonably arrange the processing technology according to the technological characteristics of the CNC machining parts, and select the relatively small-sized, high-precision, and flexible micro-small processing equipment for processing.


Flat micro machining parts

The main structural feature of flat micro machining parts is plane, in addition to other structural features, such as stepped surface, micro-holes, micro-grooves, and irregular contour surfaces. Compared with micro machining parts with a three-dimensional structure, the structure of flat-plate micro machining parts is relatively simple, and the processing method is relatively simple. The application of micro-milling and micro-drilling processing technology can meet the technical requirements of such parts and complete the flat-plate micro machining parts. Processing. If the thickness of the plate-type micro machining parts is thin, the clamping method of the parts needs to be considered during processing to prevent the micro-fixture from exerting excessive force on the parts during clamping and causing deformation of the parts.


Gear micro machining parts

The difficulty and focus of the machining of gear micro machining parts is the machining of the tooth profile. The machining accuracy of the tooth profile is directly related to the meshing accuracy between the gears and the use effect after assembly. At present, there are mainly two micro-cutting methods, micro-farming milling, and micro-rolling, which are used for the processing of gear-like micro machining parts. In the process of processing gear-type, micro machining parts using the processing method of micro-forming and CNC milling parts, the manufacturing accuracy of the forming tool itself has a greater influence on the processing accuracy of gear-type micro machining parts.


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