What is the characteristic of precision CNC milling parts?

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What is the characteristic of precision CNC milling parts?

This is a manufacturing process that includes a series of operations that form a part by removing worn or swarfed material. It is made from semi-processed products, such as ingots, billets or other parts that have been previously formed by other processes, such as molding or forging. The product obtained can be final or semi-machined and requires subsequent operations.

Precision machining is specialized for complex parts, and these machined parts are characterized by required high precision, geometric dimensional tolerances and surface finishes. All parts are calibrated and, if necessary, adjusted to the dimensions required by the customer.

Here is the information I found about precision CNC milling parts, hope you can find it helpful.


(1)        Machining Trends

The market is becoming more and more dynamic and we find ourselves looking for more, more complex and smaller part sizes of precision CNC milling parts than custom precision CNC milling parts in changing functions as well as precision machining.

(1)Products with shorter life cycles

(2)A wide variety of the same product

(3)Product customization

(4)Commitment to quality and reliability

(5)Technology products

(6)New users and uses

(7)Reduced customer reliability

(8)More sophisticated customers

(9)Globalization of production

(10)Evolution of production systems

In order to achieve precision machining, we must also consider aspects such as design data (based on design and functional requirements) and manufacturing data, including data used in machining operations, the location of parts inside the machine and measurements.

As specialists in precision machining and assembly of precision CNC milling parts, we can produce a variety of useful laboratory precision CNC milling parts, machinery for viscometry and electromedicine, general small machines, special valves, tools, prototypes and precision machining.


(2)        Features and advantages

1. High adaptability and flexibility

CNC machining process is suitable for all kinds of precision CNC milling parts manufacturing, new precision CNC milling parts can be produced using new programs without changing machines and controllers.

2. High precision, high quality

CNC machines follow CAM instructions, eliminating errors caused by manual intervention. Multiple measurements will be taken to ensure the high accuracy and stiffness of the part as well as dimensional accuracy. the machining accuracy of CNC machines has been increased from ±0.01 mm to ±0.005 mm and higher. In addition, with the help of compensation technology, CNC equipment can achieve higher machining accuracy than itself, improving the production consistency of the same batch of precision CNC machined parts, ensuring a high rate of compliance and stable machining quality.

3. Improve productivity and efficiency

The spindle speed and feed speed range of computer numerical control machine tools are larger than that of traditional machine tools, so each CNC machining can choose the best cutting volume. Moreover, the rigid structure of CNC machines allows them to perform powerful cutting with large cutting volumes, thus increasing cutting efficiency. There is little need to readjust and recheck the machine after changing the machined part. Continuous processing of multiple processes is possible with a single machine. Through faster movements, automatic tool changes and shorter clamping times, production times for precision CNC milling parts can be greatly reduced.

4. Suitable for machining complex parts

While conventional manufacturing equipment makes it difficult to achieve trajectories or trajectories (such as the spatial surfaces of propellers and turbine blades) larger than three times the size of the surface or the movement of the surface, CNC machines can move trajectories in any direction and machine surfaces of any shape, allowing the machining of complex and specially shaped parts.

5. Economical and cost effective

Even though CNC machines and tools are inexpensive or even inexpensive, CNC machining parts technology saves time in marking, adjustment, machining and inspection, which directly reduces costs. the consistent quality and machining accuracy of CNC machining services also reduce scrap rates, which further saves costs. In addition, a single machine can serve multiple purposes such as a machining center, thus saving shop space and building investment, resulting in economic benefits.


(3)        Conclusion

Why not choose our precision CNC milling parts? Find more information on our website. Or contact us directly to inquire. We are at your service.

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