What are the benefits of CNC turning plastic parts?

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What are the benefits of CNC turning plastic parts?

The growing reliance on plastics for manufactured materials has led to a number of technologies that can improve the quality, performance, efficiency and performance of plastics to suit our growing needs. One such technology is called CNC plastic machining services and is offered by several reliable plastic manufacturing companies.

CNC plastics machining has quickly become one of the most sought-after techniques when seeking plastic parts with tight tolerances. Keep in mind the wide range of applications for machined plastic parts in many industries and the many advantages associated with them (most plastic fabrication) Today, companies offer CNC plastic machining services for you.

I have compiled some of the benefits of CNC turning plastic parts for you. Read on to learn more.


(1)What is CNC plastic machining?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is so named because the entire method is controlled using a computer-generated program that commands control of the machining process. The most prominent aspect of this process is achieving tight tolerances on plastic components.

Most manufacturers engaged in CNC plastic machining pay more attention to this method by ensuring the correct use of efficient, accurate and quality equipment with accurate technical support. The right tools and techniques must be used to design and engineer these plastic components, which are used in a variety of industries for their beneficial properties.

Some of the most common industrial sectors that use CNC plastic machined parts are.


-Offshore trailer industry

-Mining and oil industry

-Food processing




-Government projects

-Health industry


(2)Benefits of CNC Plastic Turning Parts

We use advanced CNC technology to produce custom turned plastic parts and assemblies. We use a wide variety of plastics. We can also help you select the best material for your product based on your performance and application requirements.

Our high-speed CNC lathes feature efficient, high-quality chucks with a larger part diameter capacity than most others in the industry. The spindle through clamping capability provides us with a greater range of sizes and achieves a higher rate of excellence in CNC turning plastic parts. Our climate-controlled facilities ensure that temperature and humidity do not affect our process or your CNC turning plastic parts. Let us see some benefits of CNC plastic tuning parts:

Small tolerance on tolerances: ±0.005 inch or better

Collets up to 10" diameter

Spindle clamping feature improves part yields

CNC operation ensures perfect accuracy and repeatability

Annealing and climate control further improve dimensional accuracy


(3)Choose our CNC turning plastic parts

The following advantages have made CNC plastic machining services so popular in the marketplace.

CNC machining delivers more dramatic surface quality and optical clarity, resulting in a better appearance of CNC turning plastic parts.

CNC machining can meet the requirements for medium or high-volume parts because the machining produces consistent CNC turning plastic parts on a repeatable basis. In the case of high-volume production, this reduces the cost of CNC turning  parts.

With the right CNC machine and technology, impressive, precise and complex walls, angles, contours, dimensions, corrugations and threads can be achieved.

Since the complete method is effectively controlled by a computerized platform, the possibility of errors and loopholes is minimized and replaced with highly consistent quality and impeccable repeatability.

CNC plastic machining is capable of performing a variety of tasks such as drilling, cutting and chamfering, and the process is also capable of manufacturing CNC turning plastic parts of any given size (from smallest to largest) depending on the application.

Kunshan JST Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of CNC machining parts, which were applied to the field of medical, aerospace & aviation, electronics, security & safety, industrial equipment and automotive.

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