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Large Hot Steel Forging Parts

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The large forging parts were auto parts, which were made by hot forging. The material is carbon steel, and the finish is sand blasting. For the hot forging parts, MOQ is 5000 PCS and the lead time is 30 days. The general tolerance of steel forging parts is +/-0.20mm, and our manufacturing capacity is 100,000 PCS each month. If you have any inquiries for large hot forging parts or hot forging steel parts, please do feel free to contact us for quotation.

Q: What are the main applications for the large size hot forged steel parts produced by JST Industry?

A: JST Industry's large size hot forged steel parts are mainly used in the automotive industry, especially in the manufacture of automotive parts. These parts are often used in automotive components that are subjected to high loads, such as engines, gearboxes, suspension systems and other critical areas, due to their excellent mechanical properties and durability. Our hot forged parts are also suitable for other heavy industries and mechanical manufacturing due to their precise dimensions and excellent physical properties.

Q: What steps are involved in the production process of hot forged steel parts?

A: The production process for hot forged steel parts consists of the following steps: first, material selection, we use carbon steel as the raw material; then heating, to heat the material to a certain temperature for hot forging; then forging and forming, using forging machinery to deform the material plastically; followed by cooling and heat treatment, to obtain the required hardness and toughness; and finally sanding, to remove the oxide skin on the surface and to provide uniform surface roughness. Each step is strictly controlled to ensure the quality and performance of the part.

Q: What is JST Industry's minimum order quantity (MOQ) and lead time for large size hot forged steel parts?

A: For large size hot forged steel parts, our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 5000 pieces, which is to ensure production efficiency and cost effectiveness. The lead time is usually 30 days, and this time includes all aspects of production, quality inspection and packaging. With a strong production capacity of up to 100,000 forged parts per month, we are able to meet the demands of high-volume orders.

Q: What is the tolerance range of hot forged steel parts offered by JST Industry?

A: JST Industry offers hot forged steel parts with a tolerance range of ±0.20mm, which is achieved through a precision forging process and a strict quality control system that ensures dimensional stability and consistency of the parts to meet the demands of high-precision industrial applications.

Q: Can JST Industry provide personalized hot forged steel parts if customers have special customization needs?

A: Yes, JST Industry is able to provide personalized customization services based on customers' specific needs. Our team of engineers can work closely with customers to customize everything from design, material selection to production processes to meet specific requirements in different application scenarios.

Q: Does JST Industry offer any after-treatment services for products, such as sanding or other surface treatments?

A: Yes, in addition to providing standard sanding, JST Industry offers a variety of subsequent surface treatment services, including but not limited to plating, chrome plating, painting, polishing, anodizing, and heat treating to meet the diverse needs of our customers in terms of the appearance and performance of their parts.


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