What are the characteristics of cnc milling aluminum parts?

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What are the characteristics of cnc milling aluminum parts?

Aluminum is the most common metal that is uing in cnc milling systems.In this article we will discuss about some characteristsics of cnc milling aluminum parts.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The basics about cnc milling aluminum parts

Why use aluminum for cnc milling aluminum parts

Aluminum VS steel for cnc milling

1. The basics about cnc milling aluminum parts

CNC milling is the most commonly used subtractive production technique. In this manufacturing process, materials are ejected from a large amount of materials, using different types of cutting tools, and a part is designed based on the computer-aided design model. You have to start with an oversized block of material, and you have to cut it off so that you are left with the part you want. The simple similarity lies in designing a piece from the material. You have to chip away the marble until you make a masterpiece.

This production method can be used for plastic and metal processing. Numerical control processing, also short for computer numerical control processing, is to issue automated commands to the operation of manufacturing equipment through computer software programming. Various complicated machinery can be operated with this processing method. Another advantage of this process is that it can ensure that the three-dimensional cutting is completed through a series of commands.

In the CNC milling process, the part is firmly fixed to the surface, and then the material is removed using a rotating cutting device. When it comes to rotation, the workpiece is firmly fixed on a rotating chuck, and the material is removed using fixed cutting equipment. Different materials that can be produced by CNC machining include brass, aluminum, stainless steel and nylon. 

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used processing materials because of its wonderful mechanical properties. Some of its characteristics include softness, bearability, durability, and corrosion resistance. In recent days, precision machining of CNC aluminum parts has become commonplace, especially in military, medical, aerospace and industrial engineering. Advanced technology and CNC machine tools are used for CNC aluminum parts because they require precision.

One advantage of milling aluminum parts is that it is a versatile material that can be used in different fields. It has outstanding features such as lightness and durability. Aluminum also needs absolute brilliance. It can be widely used in different fields such as aircraft production, power generation, and automobile manufacturing. In the automobile production industry, it can be used to manufacture reflectors that are commonly used in automobile lights.

2. Why use aluminum for cnc milling aluminum parts

CNC aluminum parts are usually cheaper because they can be processed in a short time, compared to other metals such as steel. They also do not require additional polishing. Add small amounts of zinc, magnesium, copper, and other materials to increase strength, because pure aluminum is usually soft. When it is exposed to the atmosphere, it will form a thin protective layer, making it resistant to corrosion and reducing the chance of surface rust. It is resistant to chemicals, easy to process, and it is strong compared to its weight.

3. Aluminum VS steel for cnc milling

The weight of aluminum is about one-third that of steel. It can also conduct heat and electricity easily, which makes it an ideal material for making steel tanks. Aluminum reflects heat and light, is malleable and non-magnetic. Some companies specialize in the production of custom CNC aluminum parts. This is mainly because they are economical and portable. Aluminum CNC parts are generally cheaper because they can be processed in a short time, compared to other materials such as brass and steel. It also does not require new polishing.

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