What are the characteristics of CNC machining plastic parts?

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What are the characteristics of CNC machining plastic parts?

CNC machining has always been traditionally thought of as a method for processing methods. However, the modern industry has been constantly increasing precision demands towards parts of all possible materials, which served as a reason for CNC plastic machining parts technologies development. CNC machining plastic parts has now occupied a considerable niche in high precision low volume and prototype manufacturing of plastic parts.


  • What are the features of CNC machining plastic parts?

  • What are the methods of CNC machining plastic parts?

  • What should be paid attention when using CNC machining plastic parts?


1. What are the features of CNC machining plastic parts?

  • CNC machining plastic parts require lower cost than other engineering plastics.

  • CNC machining plastic parts can be used to replace some traditional CNC machining parts.

  • CNC machining plastic parts have wide applications in the electronic, mechanical, instrument, automobile, building materials, agriculture, medical, sports, and daily light industry.

  • CNC machining plastic parts have outstanding machinability and excellent comprehensive performance, including: great wear resistance, high strength, fatigue strength and rigidity, good electrical properties and insulation, good resilience, vibration absorption, noise reduction, strong organic solvability, low water absorption, dimensional stability, low friction, ideal lubrication, wide applicable temperature range, resistant to general chemicals and oil rather than strong acids.


2. What are the methods of CNC machining plastic parts?

There are no plastic CNC machines. All the machine tools used to cut plastic are actually metal machining tools. Their precision rigidity and power output allow them to process even hardened plastics with ease.

There are a lot of methods to produce high precision plastic parts. Modern industrial-grade plastics are cast, injection-molded, printed, or machined. The first three options are great for manufacturing complex geometry parts with a fine surface finish. However, there is nothing better than CNC machining when you need to achieve a tight tolerance or produce a mirror-like surface finish in almost any kind of part. About 80% of the plastic parts are through CNC milling, which is the most widespread method for manufacturing parts without a revolution axis. In order to achieve an outstanding surface finish, CNC machining plastic parts are polished or chemically processed.


3. What should be paid attention to when using CNC machining plastic parts?

Choosing the best cutting tools for CNC machining plastic parts is a complex job. The reason for that is that plastic as well as composite materials have a very variable composition. Some plastics are strengthened with hard carbide particles or have some additives that enhance flexibility, thermal resistance, or some other parameter. All of that changes the way a plastic reacts to machining. Even the colorant of the material is important since depending on its type, the tint may change during CNC machining plastic parts due to extensive heating. It becomes apparent that choosing a correct cutting tool geometry for the CNC machining plastic parts is a must. For example, milling tools are similar to aluminum cutters with two flutes, however, the sharp edges have sharper angles. You can't use that kind of drill for metals, though. It'll break in a matter of minutes.

When you set up your CNC machining plastic parts, plastic isn't metal. You can easily leave a large mark on the surface if you clamp the blank with too much force. Actually, if you apply too much force, the part will probably just crack. It is advisable to use special pads from a softer material between the fixtures and the part if you want to avoid marks. Another issue is part rigidity. For example, if you are drilling a fairly wide part, you will need to keep close attention as to how far the drilling place is from the fixtures. The drill will try to pull the part up along its flutes during the process.

In order to prevent the chip from melting to the CNC machining plastic part, you'll need to keep that tool moving and prevent it from staying in one place for too long. Remove the chip as fast as you can. So, the feeds for CNC machining plastic parts must be big or even aggressive.


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