Why choose precision cnc turning parts in your project

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Why choose precision cnc turning parts in your project

The history of precision cnc turning parts has experienced more than half a century, the cnc turning parts system has developed from the earliest analog signal circuit control into an extremely complex integrated processing system, programming methods have also developed into intelligent, powerful CAD/CAM integrated system manually.

As far as our country is concerned, the development of precision cnc turning parts is relatively slow, for most of the domestic workshop. The equipment is relatively backward, and the technical level and concept of personnel lag behind for the processing quality and processing efficiency is low, and the delivery time is often delayed.


The history of the numerical control technology in China.

Why choose precision cnc turning parts in your project?

What can we do?


The history of the numerical control technology in China

1. the first generation of NC system was introduced in 1951, its control unit is mainly composed of a variety of valves and analog circuits, the birth of the first CNC machine tool in 1952, has developed from milling machines or lathes to processing centers, become the key equipment in modern manufacturing.

2. The second generation of NC system was produced in 1959, which mainly consists of a single transistor and other components.

3, 1965 introduced the third generation of NC system, its first use of integrated circuit board.

4. In fact, in 1964, the fourth generation of NC system, the very familiar computer digital control system (CNC control system), was developed.

5. In 1975, the NC system adopted a powerful microprocessor, which is the fifth generation of the NC system.

6, the sixth generation of NC system adopts the current integrated manufacturing system (MIS) +DNC+ flexible machining system (FMS)


Why choose cnc turning parts in your project.

1High speed

With the rapid development of automobile, national defense, aviation, aerospace and other industries as well as the application of aluminum alloy and other new materials, the high-speed requirements of precision cnc turning parts are more and more high.

A. Spindle speed: the machine adopts the motorized spindle (built-in spindle motor), with the maximum spindle speed up to 200000r/min;

B. Feed rate: when the resolution is 0.01 μm, the maximum feed rate can reach 240m/min and accurate processing of complex type can be obtained;

C. speed of operation: the rapid development of microprocessor for numerical control system to high-speed, high-precision direction of development to provide a guarantee, the development of CPU has been developed to 32 bit and 64 bit numerical control system, frequency to hundreds of megahertz, thousands of megahertz. Due to the great increase of operation speed, the feed speed of 24 ~ 240m/min can be obtained when the resolution is 0.1 m and 0.01 m.

D. Tool change speed: at present, the tool exchange time of foreign advanced machining centers has generally been about 1s, and the high has reached 0.5s. German Chiron company designs the tool library into a basket style, with the main axis as the axis, and the tool is arranged in the circumference, and the tool changing time from knife to knife is only 0.9s.

2. High precision

The requirement of the precision of CNC machine tool is not limited to the static geometric precision, but the motion precision, thermal deformation and vibration monitoring and compensation of machine tool are paid more and more attention.

Improve cnc turning parts precision: High-speed interpolation technology is adopted to achieve continuous feed with tiny program segments, making CNC control unit refined. High-resolution position detection device is adopted to improve position detection accuracy.

Error compensation technology: Reverse clearance compensation, screw pitch error compensation, tool error compensation and other technologies are adopted to comprehensively compensate the thermal deformation error and space error of the equipment.

Use the grid decoder to check and improve the precision of the machining center's motion trajectory: predict the machining accuracy of the machine tool through simulation, in order to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool, make its performance long-term stability, can complete a variety of processing tasks under different operating conditions, and ensure the processing quality of parts.


What can we do ?

In the process of machining, an important factor that affects the machining effect is the machining precision of precision cnc turning parts . In order to further improve the processing accuracy, the operator needs to further improve the processing technology, but also combined with the processing of precision cnc turning parts material, composition, shape and other elements, choose the corresponding machine tool, and on this basis to develop the corresponding processing scheme. In the process of cnc turning parts processing, many factors will affect cnc turning parts  accuracy. Based on this, in order to improve the machining accuracy, the influence factors of the operators need to be combined with the specific improvement and improve, in particular, should pay attention to the details such as cutting tools, process system, the thermal deformation on the well control, pay attention to optimize the numerical control turning processing craft, choose high temperature resistant material, reduce the effect of processing temperature on the machining accuracy, but also in the process of machining well measured, adjusted in time according to the measured results, ensure the machining system is scientific and systematic, and do a good job in the test control to improve the level of processing technology to lay the foundation. We also provide CNC Machining Aluminum Parts, Stainless Steel Machining Parts, contact us know.

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