What are CNC micro turning parts?

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What are CNC micro turning parts?

Micromachining is the most basic technology for producing micro parts. Micro turning is a micromachining process using solid tools with a material removal process that is almost similar to conventional turning operations. The purpose of this paper is to provide the latest technology in the field of micro turning. In recent years, researchers have explored various methods to improve the performance of micro turning processes by analyzing the different factors affecting the quality characteristics. Experimental and theoretical studies have shown that the process performance can be greatly improved by the proper selection of micro turning parameters. CNC micro turning parts is the production of micro turning. I have found some information of CNC micro turning parts and I hope it can help.

(1) Introduction to CNC micro turning parts

What are CNC micro turning parts? We can micro-turn and micro-mill small turned parts in metals and plastics where tight tolerances and high surface finishes are often required. Micromachining with the bar charger allows micro turning to be performed around the clock. As a result, CNC micro turning parts with the following specifications are produced every day: diameters as small as 0.1 mm and tolerances below 5 µm, and we have all the necessary capabilities in-house to help you from the conception and concept stage to the manufacture of CNC micro turning parts for prototypes and series production, regardless of volume and complexity.

Our CNC micro turning parts customers especially operate in areas with high demands within the electronics, medical and other industrial sectors - also involving the required level of product quality documentation. Please contact us for a variety of discussions about micromachined parts.


(2) How to make CNC micro turning parts?

Traditionally, micromachining is the precise milling and fabrication of very small parts and products. These parts can be cut to the thousandth of a millimeter, which helps increase productivity and the utility of small parts. Micromachining, also known as micro/medium scale mechanical engineering (M4 process), is a method of manufacturing products that helps establish dimensional consistency between parts. If you need predictable and controlled turnaround times and high-quality surface finishes, contact Kunshan JST Industry Co., Ltd for more information on how micromachining can help you save your company time and money.


(3)Customized CNC micro turning parts solutions

As one of the manufacturers of micro-precision turned parts, we have the design and development capabilities to support you in the ultra-precision turning of finished micro-precision turned parts - from the conceptual and conceptual stages through the prototype phase and volume production all the way to this point. High-volume CNC turning parts.

As an innovative partner for the development of CNC micro turning parts, our engineers support our customers on a daily basis, from concept discussions and technical guidelines to the realization of the perfect total solution.

After successful completion of the prototyping process, we start actual production. With some of the most modern production facilities, we are able to expand our prototype range to serial precision cnc turning manufacturing (regardless of quantity).

By choosing our CNC micro turning parts, we can work with you through the entire process and also include the possibility of surface treatment after production. If you have any needs you can contact us for information.


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