What are the benefits of cnc machining with brass?

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What are the benefits of cnc machining with brass?

Due to its wide range of uses, brass is the most commonly used alloy of copper. It is formed by adding zinc to copper. Different amounts of zinc can produce different types of brass. A large amount of zinc can improve the strength and ductility of the material. Take a look at the 5 benefits provided by brass CNC machining parts.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Low friction coefficient

Corrosion resistant

Heat resistance


Easy to machine

The applications of cnc machining with brass

Additional knowledge about brass

1. Low friction coefficient

Brass has a low coefficient of friction and is an ideal material for manufacturing CNC automotive parts. The low coefficient of friction means that the parts will not wear during high-speed operation. In addition, brass has a tight sealing capability, which is a very ideal performance for CNC brass machining parts.

2. Corrosion resistant

Corrosion can cause wear on auto parts and reduce their service life. Brass is rust-proof because brass has anti-corrosion properties. This means less maintenance for these components. Brass is naturally a very attractive material, so it does not require surface polishing most of the time, saving time and money for manufacturers and customers when turning into CNC brass machining parts.

3. Heat resistance

CNC brass machining parts is destined to work under high temperature working conditions, and brass is best suited for this purpose. Brass has high heat resistance, so that parts can work normally even at high temperatures.

4. Durable

Brass is a highly durable material, so CNC brass machining parts have a long life. This makes these components very cost-effective. CNC brass machining parts manufacturers sell these parts at very reasonable prices.

5. Easy to machine

Brass is a versatile material that is easy to process precisely. Brass has good ductility and ductility, so you can get CNC brass machining parts of various shapes, sizes and polishes. CNC brass machining parts manufacturers manufacture brass parts with specific dimensions and any complex shapes in India. Brass can even be welded to copper because it is an alloy of copper. Brass is a high-density material, so it is an ideal material for automotive parts.

6. The applications of cnc machining with brass

Brass is often used for decoration, but it can also be used outside of many types of applications, such as building components and musical instruments. Brass also has good connection and plating capabilities, making it a universal choice for various industries. Gears, bearings, zippers and valves are usually made of brass because of its corrosion resistance.

7. Additional knowledge about brass

Brass is a metal alloy composed mainly of copper and zinc. However, other metals such as iron, aluminum, silicon and manganese are also incorporated to produce different properties and color changes. For example, high zinc content increases strength and ductility, while manganese inclusions improve corrosion resistance.

Some common types of brass available include:

Red brass


330 copper

360 copper

464 copper

Compared to bronze, brass is more ductile, which makes it ideal for applications requiring high formability. On the other hand, its melting point is also significantly reduced (900 degrees Celsius).

Other properties of brass include:

Matt yellow/golden yellow (depending on zinc content)

High corrosion resistance (especially when the manganese content is above average)

Easy to rupture due to excessive pressure

Highly plastic

Above average thermal conductivity

Non-ferromagnetic (easy to separate and recycle)

Brass has a wide range of applications, such as:

The bright golden appearance of brass makes it an excellent choice for decorative applications.

Musical instrument. Its machinability and durability make it a very suitable raw material for making musical instruments (such as guitar strings).

Water pipes and tubing. Brass has high corrosion resistance and is suitable for pipeline equipment.

Similar to bronze, brass is used in the electronics field due to its excellent conductivity.

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