What are the advantages of cnc milling aluminum parts?

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What are the advantages of cnc milling aluminum parts?

In the automotive, aerospace, military and other machining industries, aluminum materials have advantages over steel materials. In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology and the increasing demand of the industrial economy have led to more and more industries where aluminum and aluminum alloy parts are used, especially in automobile suppliers. They directly use aluminum alloy instead of steel to get more many benefits.We will dive into the topics about the advatages of cnc milling aluminum parts.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Why use aluminum for making cnc millling parts 

Advantages of cnc milling aluminum parts

1. Why use aluminum for making cnc millling parts

CNC machining now seems to be a powerful buzzword, and it is circulated everywhere on the Internet. However, many of these articles do not correctly describe what computer numerical control (CNC) machining is and how people can make full use of the potential of this science.

Basically, CNC completes tasks such as cutting, grinding, forming and boring under computer instructions. Here, a well-trained technician inputs instructions into a software, and uses computer instructions as a guide to use special numerical control tools to bore and cut the selected workpiece until the desired result is achieved. Aluminum CNC machining is a fast and repeatable production mode. If it is done manually, it will be more tedious and time-consuming.

Fun fact: Aluminum is a material mainly used for CNC machining, for various reasons-it is lightweight, soft, easy to handle, maneuverable, and durable. It is also non-ferrous and non-flammable. Since the material density is around 2.68, when it reaches this standard, it is in the best position, and its melting point is around 640 degrees, which can be controlled.

For all positive qualities, when it comes to CNC machining capabilities, it is also important to see the different grades that aluminum can take. Grade 6061 has high weldability and excellent mechanical properties (making it very suitable for extrusion). This means that this grade is generally used for five-axis machining.

The 7075 level is popular, but the above level is not very commonly used. 7075 is mainly due to its high fatigue strength forecast. However, because it is very expensive, it can only be used for harder parts such as aerospace, consumer electronics and automotive industry applications.

2. Advantages of cnc milling aluminum parts

1. Easy to bend

One advantage of aluminum CNC parts manufactured using CNC machining is that they can be easily bent. Unlike steel, aluminum materials can be easily turned over during processing because the thickness of this material can be appropriately used in various molding methods. Aluminum CNC parts of various shapes can be easily obtained by stamping and processing.

2. Simple processing

Another benefit of the aluminum CNC machining process is that the material can be easily manufactured by stamping, folding and drilling. You can use it to form parts of various shapes as they need. The energy used to process aluminum is much lower than the energy used to process steel.

3. Low temperature resistance

The aluminum material is resistant to low temperatures. We all know how fragile steel is, especially in welded parts or low temperature environments. Compared with steel materials, aluminum materials are easier to process at low temperatures.

4. Complete customization

After completion, aluminum profiles can be customized according to customer requirements. There are a few things you can do to give it a perfect custom look. Aluminum CNC parts can be plated in various colors according to your requirements. The colors you can try include black, blue, and green.

Conclusion: cnc milling aluminum parts is subject to several changes, especially in design and specifications, which gives it the flexibility to quickly transition by initiating a new review and approval procedure. Going back to the plan in the past, it is achievable whenever you need it, with reliable manufacturing of ordinary quality in the lifting and removal of aluminum profiles. Some typical aluminum alloys include aluminum 2024, aluminum 5052, aluminum 7075, aluminum 6063, and aluminum 6061. We also provide Stainless Steel Machining Parts, Brass Machining Parts.

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