What are the advantages of cnc micro machining parts?

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What are the advantages of cnc micro machining parts?

In recent years, especially in the fields of electronics, communications, optics, avionics, medicine, automobiles, etc., the demand for cnc micro machining parts and products has increased rapidly. Typical applications for such products include micro motors, micro reactors, micro heat exchangers, medical implants, drug delivery devices, and diagnostic devices. Manufacturing these products usually requires cnc micro machining parts. In light of this demand, much research in the manufacturing industry has focused on the development of micro- and nano-processing technologies. This emerging trend requires a new micro-manufacturing platform that not only integrates different manufacturing technologies, but also develops new micro-nano device processing technologies. In addition, the micro-manufacturing platform should produce different materials with high throughput and high efficiency. But what is micro machining? What are the benefits and applications of cnc micro machining parts for precision engineering companies? Here, we look at the development of micro machining and how it can benefit you.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

What are cnc micro machining parts

The history of cnc micro machining parts

The advantages of cnc micro machining parts

1. What are cnc micro machining parts

Micromachining is the process of machining very small parts with tools with a diameter of less than 0.015 inches and a tolerance of only a few points. Micromachining can produce very small and complex parts that are needed for certain applications, especially in the semiconductor and medical industries. It requires machinery with sufficient spindle speed and durable cutting tools to produce repeatability and strength to run at high speeds. The diameter of micromachining tools can be as small as 0.001 inches (1/3 of the diameter of human hair) to achieve the required precision and detail.

2. The history of cnc micro machining parts

Micromachining is a technology developed in the late 1990s to respond to the growing demand for smaller and more complex micro machining parts in the semiconductor and medical industries. To cope with this situation, precision engineers began to develop techniques to process smaller parts with smaller tools, mainly through trial and error.

Finding the right mechanisms and tools to deliver results on such a small scale is especially problematic. Laser cutting cannot create the clean edges required, while low-speed machines using small cutters can only provide limited results.

Upgrades to higher speed spindles and machines capable of producing smaller micro machining parts are essential. Nowadays precision engineers not only use higher speed machines to apply their own micro-milling capabilities, they also use live molds and high-speed air Swiss-style lathe with spindle. Swiss lathes can be used to create prototypes and produce small batches of rotating parts that still require some milling.

3. The advantages of cnc micro machining parts

The main benefit of using special techniques and tools for micromachining is that it allows reliable and efficient production of small and complex cnc micro machining parts with tight tolerances.

Micromachining provides a single-process method for smaller parts, so milling and turning can be done on the same machine. This reduces the delivery time and makes the processing of the parts more efficient.

Micromachining is ideal for processing prototypes and parts with micro-characteristics in plastics and metals, and has a wide range of applications.

Micromachining using high-spindle speed machines or Swiss-type lathes can produce cleaner cuts, more precise dimensions, and tighter tolerances to suit special applications in the semiconductor and medical industries.

Implementing micromachining in your precision engineering practice provides an opportunity to undertake a wider range of tenders and manufacture more diverse and specialized cnc micro machining parts. On machines used for micromachining, even larger parts can be processed with higher accuracy and speed.

In summary, as more and more industries increase demand for smaller and more complex cnc micro machining parts, micromachining will become a more important and important aspect of the work of precision engineering. We also have CNC Machining Plastic Parts, Precision CNC Machining Parts, just click us.

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