What are included of precision cnc machining parts?

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What are included of precision cnc machining parts?

Precision cnc machining parts usually require complex features and precise specifications. These parts may include threads, holes, grooves or tapers, and must be precisely matched with other parts. Let’s dive into this topic today.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The definition of precision cnc machining parts

The precision machining process

Use of precision cnc machining parts 

Benefits of precision cnc machining parts

Applications of precision cnc machining parts 

1. The definition of precision cnc machining parts

Precision cnc machining are usually used to produce metal parts that require precision machining to make products work properly. For example, automotive engine parts require precise specifications to achieve optimal performance.

There is less room for error, requiring mechanics to use specialized equipment and a tighter tolerance. Through the use of computer numerically controlled machine tools, lathes and punches, our team produces a variety of complex metal parts that require great attention to detail.

2. The precision machining process

The precision cnc machining parts making process usually starts with a sketch, and a computer-aided design (CAD) software is used to draw the sketch. Engineers use CAD software, such as AutoCAD, to create a 3D drawing of a hand-drawn sketch.

Mechanics can design on computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs or CNC machine tools. The computer automates picking to produce precise parts.

The precision cnc machining parts making process allows higher precision. Each cutting is done by a machine, and the machine receives instructions from computer software.

These machines can make precise cuts within a limited error range. This increases repeatability. You can continue to produce thousands of identical parts with the same specifications and tolerances, with an error between 0.01-0.05mm.

3. Use of precision cnc machining parts 

Precision machining is an important part of producing components you might use every day. The automotive, electrical, electronic, medical, and aerospace industries rely heavily on precision mechanical parts to produce products that meet quality and safety standards.

Precision machining can be used to design tools, parts, custom fasteners, and other necessary hardware. These components require tighter tolerances to ensure proper coordination with other components.

When mass producing precision cnc machining parts, precision machining is also an effective means of maintaining consistency. This is especially common when producing accessories and other products. Manufacturers of precision mechanical parts ensure repeatable and consistent results.

Precision machining can also be used for the finishing of metal products. For example, you can use precision machining to complete parts produced by die casting or other less precise manufacturing methods.

Repair work is another use of precision machining. Over time, worn parts may need to be welded, slotted, or calibrated. Computer-aided equipment can help restore these parts to their original condition.

4. Benefits of precision cnc machining parts

Some benefits of precision cnc machining parts include:

Greater accuracy

Increase repeatability

Improve efficiency

Reduce material waste

Save time

Manual cutting or the use of die casting processes often result in greater differences in the final size or surface of the manufactured parts. The components may not be perfectly combined, limiting the functionality of the product.

Compared with other metal processing methods that require more manual input, precision cnc machining parts making provides higher efficiency and fewer differences. Computer-assisted machines operate faster than manual machines, and produce fewer errors at the same time, saving time and reducing material waste.

5. Applications of precision cnc machining parts

Common processes and machines used for precision cnc machining parts include:

Precision CNC machining

Swiss machine


Milling machine

With a lathe, the workpiece rotates on the tool. Like a milling machine, a lathe accepts instructions from a computer program to produce parts with a diameter from 0.062 inches to 22 inches.

Swiss screw machines are also used in precision machining processes. The original Swiss machine was designed to produce the complex components required for Swiss watches. The workpiece is fixed on the sliding spindle box and rotates around the spindle, and at the same time the tool trims the workpiece to the required specifications.

Now you know all about the precision machining parts now. If you want to know CNC Machining Aluminum Parts, Stainless Steel Machining Parts, just follow me!

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