What are cnc micro machining parts?

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What are cnc micro machining parts?

With the increasing popularity of micro machining technology and the increasing demand for small and complex parts, micro machining is increasingly becoming an important precision engineering technology. But what is micro machining? What are the applications of micro machining for precision engineering companies? Here, we look at the definition of cnc micro machining parts and the application of them.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The definition of cnc micro machining parts

The application of cnc micro machining parts

1. The definition of cnc micro machining parts

Traditionally, micromachining is the precise milling and manufacturing of extremely small parts and products. These parts can be cut to one-thousandth of a millimeter, which helps to improve the production efficiency and reality of small parts. Also known as micro/medium scale mechanical manufacturing (M4 process), micromachining manufactures products one by one, helping to establish dimensional consistency between parts. If you want predictable and controlled turnaround time and high-quality surface polishing, please contact Owens Industries for more information about how micromachining can help you save company time and money..

2. The application of cnc micro machining parts

Micro machining refers to the technology of manufacturing three-dimensional structures on the micrometer scale. Until recently, watch parts were considered to be cnc micro machining parts produced for the manufacture of watches. The recent demand for cnc micro machining parts requires us to produce various micro-components in various fields from entertainment electronics to biomedical implants. The convenience and value of many products can be greatly improved by reducing the size and weight. With the trend of miniaturization, micro machining becomes more and more important in the manufacture of fine parts

In the medical field, through the miniaturization of medical tools, painless diagnosis and surgery can be performed. The convenience and value of many products can be greatly improved by reducing the size and weight. With the development of miniaturization trend, cnc micro machining parts has become a new processing method.

It is becoming more and more important in the manufacture of small parts. The overall size of the cnc micro machining parts may be only a few millimeters, but many of its functions can be between 1 and 500 microns. In micromachining, the feature size is usually 100°m. This means that the hair is very small and the average diameter of the hair is about 100 1-5.

The design and construction of knives, tool holders, knives and electrodes need to be continuously improved because the requirements for machining these miniature cnc micro machining parts are getting higher and higher. Through the research on the micro-machining technology, it is proved that the micro-machining technology is not only the traditional micro-machining cutting technology, but also needs to adjust the entire processing settings and processes. Miniaturization technology is considered to be a potential key technology in the future, and it will bring about a completely different way for humans and machines to interact with the physical world.

Many industries are following this trend, using cnc micro machining parts in their product applications, including electronic tools, medical components, energy-driven motors, fluid circuits and particle filters, etc. include:



national defense


optical fiber

Food production

Medical treatment

Petroleum gas

Tools and molds


With the increasing demand for miniaturized functional equipment, micro machining is becoming an important industry. Micro machining is a technique for manufacturing cnc micro machining parts. This technology has many applications and promotes innovation in many areas, such as automotive and biomedical engineering. The potential of micromachining has attracted the attention of academia and inspired many academic works. Since its inception, micromachining has greatly developed, including more technologies and methods, and the array of materials processed under these technologies has also expanded. As the nanotechnology and micromachining market will expand to US$1 trillion by 2015 and the emergence of new industries related to this technology, the demand for skilled workers in this area will increase.

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