What are CNC turning plastic parts?

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What are CNC turning plastic parts?

Plastic parts are generally produced by direct molding methods, but some plastic parts must be machined when direct molding is difficult or when high precision is required. Plastic parts are generally machined using metal processing equipment. As the performance of plastic and metal difference is large, and a wide variety of plastic, its different types of performance also has a large difference, so the plastic parts of the cutting process have their own characteristics and benefits. Here is some information about CNC turning parts that I found. Hope it can help.

(1)CNC Plastic Turning Services

CNC turning is a sophisticated manufacturing method widely known for its high accuracy, quality and precise repeatability. CNC plastic turning allows for the production of precisely tailored plastic parts and assemblies from a wide range of materials to the exact specifications of the customer. We have top-notch machinists who have years of experience in the plastics field, which allows us to offer the best CNC plastic turningmethods in the country. We always use the best CNC lathes. We have a variety of turning centers to produce complex turned plastic parts with very tight tolerances. Our team of dedicated machinists has worked in the plastics field for several years, gaining valuable experience that allows us to deliver fast, accurate production while providing quality components with the best economic value. We take pride in delivering quality CNC turned parts right the first time, every time. If you are interested in our CNC turning plastic parts you can visit our product detail page for more information. Or contact us directly.


(2)How to make CNC turning plastic parts?

Our CNC turning plastic parts manufacturing facility is dedicated to production. With strategically placed bar machines in cells that allow operators to run 2-3 machines at a time, our manufacturing plant is flexible and nimble, providing quick turnaround with low cost pricing. Combine this with the skills of our experienced installation machinists to create an efficient, fast-moving production floor for a lean manufacturing environment. Our installation CNC turning plastic parts leaders can move from one job to the next in a timely manner, knowing that the CNC turning plastic parts will continue to run until the job is complete.


(3)Applications of our CNC turning plastic parts

Our CNC turning capabilities produce the highest quality parts in the fastest cycle times. Our production processes are efficient and strategic. Plastic turning services have been widely adopted by some of the most demanding industries, such as



Oil and gas

Fluid power





Security Systems


Leisure and Entertainment

Aerospace & Defense


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Heavy Equipment


Marine Corps

If you have special CNC turning plastic parts needs, you can also contact us for consultation, we have professional staff can provide you with answers at any time.


With the help of our experienced professionals and cutting-edge machinery, these machines significantly reduce turnaround times by eliminating intermediate setups and scrap, so we can fulfill orders quickly, economically and with the highest quality. for more than 30 years, we have focused on quality, and we partner with our customers to cost effectively value Find the CNC turning plastic parts solution that meets your specific machining needs. Do not hesitate to contact us! You can find our contact information easily on our website.

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