How do precision cnc machining parts make better quality?

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How do precision cnc machining parts make better quality?

As the global market continues to expand and technology continues to innovate, OEM engineer leaders are facing new challenges. With competition in every corner, how do you make your existing customers satisfied, how to keep your profit margins from shrinking, and how to attract new customers? Precision cnc machining is a technology that helps you maintain a competitive advantage. Incorporating it into the workflow is easier than you think, especially when you sign a contract with a company with precision machining experience. Please follow this article.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

What are precision cnc machining parts

History of precision cnc machining

How does precision cnc machining work

Types of precision cnc machining

Materials using in precision scnc machining parts

1. What are precision cnc machining parts

The original equipment manufacturer specifies precision cnc machining technology to modify the material. A precision mechanic is someone who cuts a piece of raw material-usually metal-into a desired shape. Precision machining uses computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) or computer-aided design (CAD). This provides the most precise measurement and cutting precision specifications. Precision machining is used to manufacture a range of objects:

(1) Surgical Instruments

(2) Aerospace components

(3) Solar and wind energy components

Although drilling machines and lathes are used in combination, the latest precision cnc machining technology also involves high-speed robots.

2. History of precision cnc machining

Machining can be traced back to 700 BC. Unfortunately, there were no buttons at the time, and manual lathes were the tool of choice. In the late 18th century, A. D, steam power makes things much easier. By adding steam, mechanical processing has been automated, and the industrial revolution has fully entered the stage of mass production. Large-scale machine tool manufacturing has upgraded steelmaking processes around the world, and has also brought many other innovations.

Since then, modern machining has evolved from the use of punch cards in the 1940s to the actual computer programming techniques we use today.

3. How does precision cnc machining work

In today's manufacturing, in order to maintain tight tolerances, many companies turn to computer numerical control (CNC) equipment. CNC machining is a basic machining process, which is done by machines rather than manual labor.

In this type of processing, the operator uses CAD or CAM software to generate a file, which is read by the CNC machine tool. From here, the machine handles the actual machining.

So, what is the difference between CNC machining and precision cnc machining? It's a matter of name, really. Put forward higher requirements for precision machining.

The tolerance standard of CNC machine tools is usually 0.008" or 0.005".

The tolerance standard for precision cnc machining can be close to 0.0001 "

It doesn't sound like much, does it? But this small improvement provided by precision cnc machining technology prevents manufacturers from using standard CNC or manual machining to create complex shapes. In the processing of aerospace and medical equipment, meeting precise specifications is a matter of life and death

4. Types of precision cnc machining

With basic CNC machining and precision machining settings, there are other, more specialized types of machines. In order to optimize your project, consult the manufacturer about its capabilities and recommendations.

The capabilities of various types of CNC machine tools include:

CNC milling

CNC turning

Multi-axis CNC machining

CNC machining 3+2 axis

Indexed 5-axis CNC milling

Five-axis CNC machining

Continuous five-axis CNC milling

Milling CNC Center

5. Materials using in precision scnc machining parts

With the development of precision machining technology, many different types of materials will be used-much more than other processes, such as powder metallurgy.

These materials include:








Other metals

The ability of grinders, saws, and milling machines to efficiently and efficiently convert these raw materials into finished products is why high-precision CNC machining is so popular in many industries.

Now you know have a general impression on precision cnc machining parts, CNC Machining Aluminum Parts, Stainless Steel Machining Parts now?

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