CNC turning plastic parts cutting processing and tool materials

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CNC turning plastic parts cutting processing and tool materials

Cutting and tool materials have an important influence on CNC turning plastic parts. Since the performance of plastics and metals are quite different, and there are many types of plastics, and their performances vary greatly, the cutting of CNC turning plastic parts has its characteristics.

Here is the content list:


Tool material



(1) Thermal performance

Compared with metal, CNC turning plastic parts made of plastic have a small heat capacity, poor thermal conductivity (its thermal conductivity is only three-thousandths of that of metal or less), and a large thermal expansion coefficient (1.5-20 times larger than metal). Therefore, the heat generated by friction during the cutting process is mainly transferred to the tool. Even if a small amount of heat is transferred to the plastic parts, because it is difficult to pass into the CNC turning plastic parts, local overheating is very easy to cause the CNC turning plastic parts to change color, melt, or even burn. Moreover, if the temperature is too high, the elastic deformation of CNC turning parts will increase, which will affect the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of CNC turning plastic parts. In severe cases, it will cause CNC turning plastic parts to bounce and even cause accidents. Therefore, coolants (generally compressed air) are often used to lower the temperature during processing.


(2) Elastic modulus

The elastic modulus of plastic CNC turning plastic parts is only 1/10 to 1/16 of that of metal. During cutting, if the tools and fixtures exert excessive pressure on them, it will cause greater elastic deformation of CNC turning plastic parts, which will affect CNC turning. The processing accuracy of plastic parts will cause processing difficulties in severe cases. Therefore, when cutting CNC turning plastic parts, the parameters of the tool should be reasonable, the cutting edge should be sharp, and the cutting amount should be appropriate to reduce the cutting force. The clamping force should not be too large.


Tool material

The main materials of turning CNC turning plastic parts tools are high-speed steel, cemented carbide, diamond, etc. For cutting general CNC turning plastic parts, the first two tool materials can be used. In comparison, the high-speed steel for making CNC turning plastic parts has better sharpness. Choosing high-speed steel tools and carefully sharpening them can make the cutting edge sharper. However, cutting CNC turning plastic parts has lower durability than hard. Quality alloy tools. Diamond tools should be used for processing FRP. Because glass fiber reinforced plastic is composed of two materials, plastic and glass fiber, when cutting CNC turning plastic parts, the soft and hard are intermittently cut, and the impact can reach more than a million times per minute. The tool is easier to blunt than cutting pure hard materials. Therefore, CNC turning plastic parts should use diamond tools with excellent wear resistance.


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