CNC Milling Service

JST provides customers with high precision and high efficiency customized CNC Milling machining solutions.

Capabilities of JST Milling Service

JST is a company with exceptional capabilities in the field of CNC milling services. We have a team of experienced craftsmen who are well versed in a variety of machining techniques and technologies to meet our customers' needs for high-precision machining. At the same time, we are equipped with advanced machining equipment, including high-precision CNC milling machines and cutting tools, as well as precision measuring equipment, to ensure that the dimensions and surface quality of each part meet our customers' strict requirements.
At JST, we focus not only on machining accuracy, but also on process optimization and production efficiency. Our engineering team ensures that each machining step achieves the best results through continuous process improvement and optimization of the machining process. We use advanced CAD/CAM software for machining path planning and simulation to maximize machining efficiency and accuracy.

Our goal is to provide our customers with fast and accurate customized machining solutions. We understand the importance our customers place on part quality and delivery time, so we employ strict quality control processes and an effective project management system to ensure that every order is delivered on time and with flawless quality.

JST is able to meet the needs of our customers in both small and large production runs. We are committed to building long-term, stable relationships with our customers and providing them with consistent, high-quality service. If you need high-precision CNC milling services, JST is your best choice.

CNC Milling Materials

Aluminum Alloys

CNC Milling Services can accurately machine aluminum alloys, such as those used in aerospace, automotive, and electronics for part manufacturing. We can perform precision milling according to the customer's design requirements, as well as the requirements for part accuracy and surface quality.


Different types of steel, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc., can also be processed by CNC milling. These steels are commonly used in machine parts, automotive parts, tools and other fields. Our milling services ensure that the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the steel parts meet the customer's requirements.


CNC milling services can also be used to process copper, which is commonly used in the manufacture of parts for electrical, electronic, and telecommunications applications. We can ensure the accuracy and surface quality of copper parts through precision milling to meet customer requirements.

Titanium Alloys

Titanium alloys have excellent properties and are commonly used in aerospace, medical devices and other fields. Our CNC milling services can perform precision machining on titanium alloys to produce high-quality parts that meet our customers' strict requirements for accuracy and quality.

ABS, Nylon, Polyamide, etc.

These plastic materials are commonly used for modeling, appliance housings, bearings, gears, and other parts. Our CNC milling services can accurately machine these plastic materials to produce parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements.

CNC Milling Standards & Tolerances

As a professional CNC milling service provider JST, we pride ourselves on our advanced machining equipment and rigorous machining processes to ensure the highest level of precision and error control. The CNC milling machines we use are equipped with high-precision CNC systems that allow for extremely small machining errors. Our machining equipment has excellent performance parameters, such as:

Positioning accuracy: Our CNC milling machines have extremely high positioning accuracy, typically in the micron range. This means that we can accurately position the cutting tool to the specified location on the workpiece, ensuring that each machining step achieves the required accuracy.

Repeatable Positioning Accuracy: Our CNCs have excellent repeatable positioning accuracy, typically below a few tens of microns. This means that over the course of multiple machining operations, we can ensure that the repositioning accuracy of the workpiece is very high, thus maintaining the consistency and stability of the part.
Surface Quality: Our CNC milling machines are equipped with high speed spindles and high quality cutting tools that allow for high speed cutting and smooth cutting surfaces. This ensures that our machined parts have excellent surface quality and reduces the need for subsequent machining and processing.

Combining the performance parameters of these machining machines with our strict numerical control of machining, such as cutting speed, feed rate, depth of cut, etc., we can ensure that our machining accuracy meets our customers' requirements. Whether we are machining complex shaped parts or parts that require extremely high dimensional accuracy, we are able to provide high quality, high precision customized machining services.

CNC Milling Parts & CNC Milling Samples

As a professional CNC milling service provider, JST is committed to providing customers with high-quality and high-precision machining services.
Precision CNC milled parts

JST has processed a wide range of precision parts, including mechanical parts, electronic parts, optical parts, etc. We have a wide range of CNC milling machines, which can be customized to meet your specific needs.

We have advanced CNC milling machines and precision measuring equipment to meet our customers' strict requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

Through precision CNC milling technology, we are able to realize high-precision machining of complex parts to ensure the geometric and functional requirements of the parts.

CNC milling aluminum alloy parts

Aluminum alloy is a common lightweight material that is commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and electronics.

JST has the experience and technology to perform efficient and precise machining of aluminum alloy parts.

We are able to select the appropriate tools and machining parameters according to customer requirements to ensure the quality and efficiency of machining aluminum alloy parts.

CNC milling stainless steel parts

Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, and is widely used in aerospace, medical equipment and other fields.

JST has advanced stainless steel machining technology, which can realize high-precision machining and surface treatment of stainless steel parts.

We use appropriate tools and cutting parameters to cope with the high hardness and difficult-to-cut nature of stainless steel to ensure the machining quality and surface finish of the parts.

CNC turning and milling parts

CNC turning and milling composite machining is a kind of machining method that combines turning and milling processes, which is suitable for machining complex parts.

JST has a wealth of experience in CNC mill-turn machining, and can realize efficient machining of parts of various materials and shapes.

We have advanced turning and milling equipment and a technical team that can meet the requirements of our customers in terms of precision and cycle time.

CNC Milling FAQs

  • Q What is the capability of JST's CNC milling services and how accurate can they be?

    With advanced CNC milling equipment and an experienced technical team, JST is able to provide a wide range of CNC milling services covering the machining of parts in a variety of materials and complexity.
    Our CNC milling service capabilities can meet our customers' needs for high-precision parts, typically with an accuracy of ±0.01 millimeters and beyond.
  • Q What is JST's CNC milling service process?

    Our CNC milling service process usually includes the following steps:
    Customer Requirement Confirmation: Communicate fully with the customer to understand their needs, requirements and special requirements.
    Part design and analysis: According to the drawings or samples provided by the customer, carry out part design and process analysis to determine the best machining plan.
    Tool selection and process planning: select suitable tools and machining process, develop machining program and process flow.
    CNC milling processing: use advanced CNC milling equipment for parts processing to ensure machining accuracy and surface quality.
    Quality Inspection and Packaging: Conduct quality inspection on the machined parts to ensure that they meet the customer's requirements, and then package and deliver them.
  • Q How does JST's CNC milling service inspect and control quality?

    We adopt a strict quality control system and advanced testing equipment to ensure that the quality of our CNC milling services is controllable.
    The quality inspection means include but not limited to CMM, height gauge, white light interferometer and so on.
    During the machining process, we conduct regular self-inspections and mutual inspections, as well as online monitoring of critical dimensions and surface quality.
    Our quality control team oversees and manages the entire machining process to ensure consistent and reliable part machining quality.
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