What are the benefits of cnc machining aluminum parts?

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What are the benefits of cnc machining aluminum parts?

For CNC machining projects, aluminum is one of the most popular material choices due to its ideal physical properties. It is very strong, which makes it an ideal material for mechanical parts, and its oxidized outer layer can resist the corrosion of elements. These benefits make aluminum parts common in all industries, although they are particularly popular in the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and consumer electronics sectors. We will discuss the benefis of cnc machining aluminum parts in this article.

The following are the benefits listed below:

Easy to machine

Corrosion resistance

Strength-to-weight ratio

Electrical conductivity

Anodization potential


1. Easy to machine

One of the main reasons why engineers choose cnc aluminum machining parts is because it is very simple and the material is easy to process. Although this seems to be more beneficial to the mechanics who manufacture the parts, it also has significant benefits for the companies that order the parts and the end users who ultimately use it.

Because aluminum is easy to cut chips, because it is easy to form, it can be cut quickly and accurately by CNC machine tools. This has some important consequences: First, the short-term machining work makes the process cheaper (because less labor requires a mechanic and less operation time requires the machine itself); second, good cutting performance means that when cutting tools When passing through the workpiece, the deformation of the workpiece is small. This allows the machine to meet tighter tolerances (down to ±0.025 mm), thereby achieving higher accuracy and repeatability.

2. Corrosion resistance

Different grades of aluminum have great differences in corrosion resistance-the degree of resistance to oxidation and chemical damage. Fortunately, some of the most popular grades for cnc aluminum machining parts are the most wear-resistant.

3. Strength-to-weight ratio

Aluminum has ideal physical properties, making it an ideal material for mechanical and exterior parts. The two most important points are the high strength and light weight of this metal. These two points make this material beneficial for the manufacture of critical components, such as those required by the aerospace and automotive industries. Aircraft parts and automobile shafts are two examples. Parts can be successfully machined from aluminum and using cnc aluminum machining parts.

However, different grades of aluminum have different uses. Due to its good strength-to-weight ratio, general-purpose grades such as 6061 can be used for a variety of components, while high-intensity grades such as 7075 may be preferred in aerospace and marine applications.

4. Electrical conductivity

Cnc aluminum machining parts can be used for electrical components due to their electrical conductivity. Although the electrical conductivity is not as good as copper, the conductivity of pure aluminum at room temperature is about 37.7 million Siemens/m. The electrical conductivity of the alloy may be lower, but the electrical conductivity of the aluminum material is significantly higher than stainless steel and other materials.

5. Anodization potential

Cnc aluminum machining parts are particularly popular in the consumer electronics industry, not only because of strength and weight requirements, but also because of important aesthetic considerations. In addition to being easy to accept paint and coloring, aluminum can also be anodized, which is a surface treatment process that can thicken the protective and oxidized outer layer of the part.

The anodizing process is usually carried out after the completion of mechanical processing, including passing an electric current in an electrolytic acid bath to obtain a piece of aluminum that is more resistant to physical shock and corrosion.

Importantly, anodizing makes it easier to add color to mechanical aluminum parts because the anodized outer layer is highly porous. Dyes can find their way through the porous part of the outer layer, and because they are embedded outside the hard metal part, they are less likely to crack or flake.

6. Recyclability

Another benefit of cnc aluminum machining parts is its high recyclability, which makes it more suitable for companies seeking to minimize their impact on the environment, or those who just want to reduce material waste and recover some expenses. Recyclable materials are particularly important in CNC machining, because in CNC machining, the chips on the tool will produce a relatively large amount of waste.

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