What are cnc steel machining parts?

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What are cnc steel machining parts?

Steel is a popular metal alloy, mainly composed of iron and some carbon. Other elements are sometimes added, such as manganese, chromium, vanadium and tungsten. Modern steel making began in 1858, when mass production had become possible. Steel has thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance, ductility and ductility. Today's highly developed technology of CNC machining allows us to produce the most complex parts with more perfection, the cost is lower than you think, and the speed is much faster. We will discuss the cnc steel machining parts in this article.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The types of steel material for cnc steel machining parts

What can cnc steel machining parts used for

1. The types of steel material for cnc steel machining parts

Generally speaking, steel has ductility, strength and versatility, enough to be used in various end products or system applications; however, different grades show different characteristics of workability. There are basically two types of steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. Listed below are some examples of carbon steel and alloy steel that we can process, and the possible uses of each steel.

(1) stainless steel

Among the existing 150 grades of stainless steel, 15 are the most common. This alloy can be processed into the shape of plates, plates, bars, wires or tubes, and is suitable for cooking utensils, hardware, surgical instruments, general appliances, and industrial and construction terminal parts. Stainless steel is suitable for many natural and man-made environments due to its high oxidation and corrosion resistance. The relatively low cost, little maintenance, and gloss make stainless steel ideal for making cnc steel machining parts.

(2) 316 stainless steel

316 stainless steel is similar to 304 stainless steel, but contains molybdenum and nickel. The addition of molybdenum makes 316 stainless steel resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion. Even at high temperatures, 316 stainless steel can maintain its strength and creep resistance. It can withstand mechanical and corrosion properties even at sub-zero temperatures. 316 stainless steel is used in many industrial sectors, from storage tanks and storage vessels to chemical, food, pharmaceutical and petroleum equipment.

(3) Cold rolled steel

Cold rolled steel is processed in a cold state. The chemically sterilized hot rolled coil is rolled and then cooled. Cold rolling reduces the thickness of steel and changes the mechanical properties of steel. When this steel comes into contact with water in the air, it often rusts. In order to prevent damage, the cold-rolled steel plate is covered with a thin layer of oil. Improved finishing characteristics and tight dimensional tolerances make cold rolled steel ideal for products where demanding requirements, high quality and consistency are important.

(4) 1018 steel

1018 steel is one of the most common steel grades currently available. The value of steel lies in its ease of forming, processing, welding and manufacturing. Its chips are continuous and rigid, which results in a good finish. 1018 steel is often used in the application of a large number of screw machine parts, usually used in shafts, spindles, pins, rods, etc.

(5) 12 l14 steel

12L14 steel is the product of adding lead content in the raw material of the screw machine and then oxidizing and rephosphorizing. This steel has good ductility and smoothness, which makes it suitable for parts that involve bending, crimping or riveting, such as bushings, inserts, couplings and hose fittings. 12L14 steel is a form of carbon steel, a combination of carbon and iron, and has become an ideal precision machining material.

2. What can cnc steel machining parts used for

As the name implies, CNC machine tools use computer programming tools to create a series of parts and objects-fully customizable and incredibly accurate. Such precision and accuracy are very useful when developing parts for highly sensitive industries such as aerospace. A one-minute error can cost millions of people-money and lives. For one piece or one hundred thousand pieces, you can get the exact size without any difference unless someone drafts the initial prototype.

What can cnc steel machining parts used for?Here are some of the applications :

(1) Accessories

This particular component is used to safely connect one part to another. If the size of the accessory is calculated incorrectly, it is likely that the connection is not so strong, and the whole part will collapse.

(2) Shell

The shell is used to protect smaller machine parts from contact with external objects. CNC machine tools allow us to create customized housing units that can increase the efficiency of these machine parts.

(3) Suspended swing arm

These parts help to lift other parts to a specific height or angle. CNC machine tools help to establish the highest precision.

(4) Ball joint

Similar to the ball and socket joints of our skeletal system, these spherical parts help additional parts move from all directions to a specific angle.

(5)  Roll

CNC machine tools also help us to develop rollers for the conveyor system with maximum perfection.

(6) Brackets

Metal brackets are used to provide support in a series of machines. CNC machine tools help us develop custom machining brackets suitable for your machine type.

Other CNC machining parts include machine shafts, valve bodies, gaskets and spindles.

Now you know all about the cnc steel machining parts now,We also provide CNC Turning Parts, CNC Milling Parts.

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