What are cnc machining aluminum parts?

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What are cnc machining aluminum parts?

CNC machine tool runs on a computer program; it can be used for both prototyping and production of all products. Aluminum is a commonly used processing material because it exhibits excellent machinability and is therefore the material of choice for most manufacturing departments. As a material, aluminum has some interesting thermal and mechanical properties. In addition, aluminum metal is relatively easy to form, especially in the drilling process, such as CNC aluminum processing. In fact, compared with light metals such as magnesium and titanium alloys, we attach great importance to aluminum alloys. The use of CNC aluminum has grown tremendously, and the production of CNC machining aluminum parts has been very lightweight. This article will tell us more.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The aluminum material

The aluminum grade

The aluminum prototype

Cnc machined aluminum components and parts

Axis cnc machining

1. The aluminum material

Aluminum is a soft, lightweight, easy-to-operate, malleable and durable metal. The appearance is silver or dark gray, depending on the surface roughness. It lacks magnetism and is not flammable. Metal aluminum melts at 640 degrees, it is very light and the density is 2.68. It is an excellent electrical conductor. Although it is different from the copper standard in a specific cross-sectional area, the cnc machining aluminum parts are widely used in cars, aerospace and medical industries.

2. The aluminum grade

The choice of the final type of aluminum grade you intend to use depends on your processing project, which allows you to sort from the most important to the smallest grade according to its characteristics. By doing this, you can choose aluminum with specific properties and shapes according to your needs for the cnc machining aluminum parts.

Here are some basic facts about types and aluminum grades;

Aluminum 6061: This grade has excellent mechanical properties and weldability. Its local characteristics make it one of the most extruded grades. This is because it has good toughness, medium strength and high strength, excellent corrosion resistance to harsh conditions, cold anodizing ability and bending ability. Aluminum 6061 is usually used for five-axis cnc machining aluminum parts.

Aluminum 7075: It is also very popular, although unlike 6061. This level is known for its special fatigue strength. This aluminum grade is not suitable for welding; it is expensive. Therefore, it is more suitable for sturdy components such as fuselages, bicycle components, climbing tools and aircraft wings. The corrosion resistance of this alloy is also better.

Aluminum 2024: This alloy is mainly used in military and aerospace fields. This is due to its mechanical properties, such as high wear resistance and high strength. Aluminum 2024 is terrible corrosion-resistant and not weldable..

3. The aluminum prototype

Aluminum machining prototypes are usually produced from various alloys. The most commonly used alloy is 6061-T6, which is suitable for electronics, transportation, aerospace, military and other industries.

Aluminum alloy has low density and high strength. Usually CNC aluminum prototype processing has a large tolerance control or even 0.01MM. CNC machine tools can manufacture unique and quality aluminum prototypes. CNC milling is the perfect choice, the advantage lies in the machining process, and that is the high precision of milling aluminum for the cnc machining aluminum parts.

4. Cnc machined aluminum components and parts

CNC machining of aluminum technology has produced CNC parts and components, helping in a wide range of services (turning, milling and grinding). Today, the well-processed cnc machining aluminum parts are becoming an increasingly popular engineering department.

The following are some cnc machining aluminum parts:

Front panel

Pin needle

Spline axis

Medical equipment


5. Axis CNC Machining

In five-axis machining, the CNC moves while cutting the five-axis angle at the same time. This machining process has the characteristics of rapid and reliable design of complex parts, and the work involves multiple directions.

Five-axis machining is widely used for the following reasons:

This is a single setup, which reduces the delivery time and better efficiency

It allows better geometry because of its ability to avoid collision with the table or cutter tilted with the tool holder.

You can use shorter tools, more rigid, some high spindle speed, which is achieved by reducing the load of the tool.

The workpiece does not need to pass through different workstations, so errors are reduced, accuracy is maintained, and quality is guaranteed.

As we concluded, you now know the various cnc machining aluminum parts processes, an unfinished piece of aluminum is passed until it becomes a complete product. This is a difficult process that requires experience, accuracy and a powerful machine. In addition, this is due to the different aluminum alloys used, we also provide CNC Turning Parts, CNC Milling Parts, if you want to know more ,contact us 

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