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  • Precautions for the production of sheet metal parts

    The processing of sheet metal parts is a key technology that sheet metal technicians need to master, and it is also an important process of sheet metal forming. It includes not only traditional cutting, blanking, blanking, bending and forming, and other methods and process parameters, but also vario

  • Possible problems and solutions in the production of stainless steel turned parts

    In the production of stainless steel turned parts, various problems may arise. It is common to have problems in the production of stainless steel turned parts. So how to solve these problems in the production of stainless steel turned parts? Here is the content list:l Gnawing knifel Rough thread sur

  • Part of the introduction about CNC aluminum machining parts

    CNC aluminum machining parts is to use a computer to compile a set of processing programs and use digital processing for article processing and milling machines. Including cutting, tapping, drilling, etc., rely on CNC operations. The use of CNC processing can reduce the product damage rate, which is

  • Introduction of steel machining parts

    Due to the characteristics of steel machining parts, almost all industrial sectors require steel machining parts. Steel machining parts are used in medical equipment, aviation, military industry, industrial equipment, electronics, auto parts, commercial purposes, etc. Next, I will give you a brief i

  • List of Drill Bit and Tap Sizes – Drill Size Chart and Tap Size Chart

    Drilling is an important process of producing a hole while tapping is a technique used to cut a thread inside a hole, both the drill bit and the tapping tool are often used in producing CNC parts with thread holes. In this case, we should refer to the standard drill and tap size chart. The drill siz

  • How to solve the problem of deformation of precision CNC turning parts in machining?

    The deformation of precision CNC turning parts in machining is a difficult problem to solve. The reason for the deformation must be analyzed first, and then countermeasures can be taken. Here is the content list:l Reduce the internal stress of precision CNC turning partsl Improve the clamping method

  • CNC milling steel parts

    Stainless steel parts have the characteristics of heat resistance, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and electrochemical corrosion resistance, and are not easy to rust. They are widely used in the chemical industry, food machiner

  • Precautions for CNC machining aluminum parts

    CNC machining aluminum parts is a new kind of machining part. The working principle of CNC machining aluminum parts is to compile simple machining programs, convert manual operations into computer programming, and then use simple manual machining. Precautions for CNC machining aluminum parts. Here a

  • Introduction of sheet metal parts

    Sheet metal is a metal sheet (usually less 6mm) integrated cold working processes including cutting, punching / cutting/recombination, folding, welding, riveting, stitching, molding (e.g., vehicle body), and the like. Its distinguishing feature is part of the same uniform thickness. By sheet metal p

  • How to deal with sheet metal parts?

    Because the surface of some sheet metal parts cannot prevent rust and corrosion, it is very necessary to carry out effective surface treatment on the sheet metal parts. Surface treatment of sheet metal parts can increase the service life of the product in harsh environments, or achieve specific surf

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