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  • Forged parts processing

    The processing of Forged parts, namely forging, is the use of forging machinery to apply pressure to metal blanks to produce plastic deformation to obtain certain mechanical properties, certain shapes, and sizes. The processing method of Forged parts consists of one of the two major components of fo

  • CNC turning of plastic materials

    Turning of CNC turning plastic parts means that lathe processing is a part of mechanical processing. Lathe processing mainly uses turning tools to turn workpieces of rotating CNC turning plastic parts. Here is the content list:l Production of CNC turning plastic partsl CNC turning plastic parts cutt

  • Failures and causes of CNC turning aluminum parts manufacturing

    When using CNC machine tools to process aluminum parts, if you want to make the CNC turned aluminum parts more stable, you must pay attention to such places. Here is the content list:l Gnawing knifel Incorrect pitchl Incorrect pitch diameter Gnawing knifeFailure analysis and solutions: The reason is

  • Basic information of precision CNC turning parts

    The processing of precision CNC turning parts is to change the shape and size of the precision CNC turning parts on the lathe, using the rotational movement of the precision CNC turning parts and the linear or curved motion of the tool. At the same time, the precision CNC turning parts are used to t

  • Defects and failure analysis points of large forged parts

    The defect analysis and failure analysis of large forged parts mainly include two aspects: determining the nature of the defect and clarifying the relationship between the defect and the failure and the cause. There are many reasons for the failure of forged parts in service, including an improper s

  • Cutting of CNC machining aluminum parts

    CNC lathes for cutting CNC machining aluminum parts can be divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal lathes for cutting numerically controlled aluminum parts have horizontal guide rails and inclined guide rails. High-grade CNC sleeping cars generally use inclined guide rails.

  • CNC milling aluminum parts

    The currently used CNC milling aluminum parts are mainly classified into deformed aluminum alloys and cast aluminum alloys. Then which milling cutter is better for machining CNC milling aluminum parts? Is it more efficient to process CNC milling aluminum parts with aluminum alloy special milling cut

  • Classification and use of forging parts

    Forging parts refers to a workpiece or blank obtained by forging and deforming a metal blank. By applying pressure to the metal blank, it produces plastic deformation, which can change its mechanical properties. According to the temperature of the blank during processing, forging parts can be divide

  • Components of precision CNC turning

    The basic composition of a CNC machine tool for precision CNC turning parts includes a processing program carrier, a CNC device, a servo drive device, the main body of the machine tool, and other auxiliary devices. Here is the content list:l Processing program carrierl CNC devicel Servo and measurem

  • Common problems and cause analysis of stainless steel machining parts cleaning

    The process of stainless steel machining part refers to the process of cutting, bending, bending, and welding the stainless steel with the performance of stainless steel to finally obtain the stainless steel machining parts required for industrial production. In the process of stainless steel machin

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