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The Main Accuracy Of The CNC Machining General Template - Pin Hole

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The pin hole is one of the main precisions of the CNC machining model.

The processing method for making a pin hole is that: using a ten-mm pin hole as an example, we will use a 9.0 drill bit to make a hole first, then use a 9.8 bit to make a hole, and then use a ten-mm reamer to ream the hole. But here we should pay attention to when we drill 9.8 bit when we should use a 10-mm pin to try on the pin hole, we can not be sure 9.8 drill hole drilled out must be 9.8, there will be some error, if When we try to insert a ten-mm pin and we can't put it in, we will continue the drilling procedure later.

 When using a reamer after drilling, we must also pay attention to, when the reamer twists the first hole, we have to use 10 mm pin to test the hole, when you find that the 10 mm pin can be just tight, continue the next program.

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Mar, 2018
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