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How Die Casting Machine Improves Internal Mode Change Efficiency?

Source: Kunshan JST Industry Co., Ltd.

In general, die casting machine replacement mold is divided into two kinds of internal and external mold change, then how to improve the internal die casting machine efficiency?

    1) Simplify mold taking action

    Reduce the need to rotate during the removal and installation of the mold, and can also simplify the multiple pick and place actions as one action, and place the single action at one time; use the mounting frame, template, standard tools, the same size of the same type of screws and bolts wait.

    2) Multiple people work in parallel

   In order to shorten the time for changing the mold during shutdown, many people can change molds at the same time during the time of mold change. This should pay attention to the clear division of labor and mutual supervision so as to avoid extraneous actions, but also to avoid operating omissions.

    3) shorten the adjustment time

 The first analysis is to adjust the position or adjust the size? Then the analysis is because the cumulative error or the standard is not uniform and needs to be adjusted. It also analyzes whether it is related to the proficiency of installation and adjustment. By analyzing and solving problems, the adjustment actions and methods are improved.

  In summary, the internal die change is still based on the rapid die change system of its own die casting machine to improve efficiency.

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Mar, 2018
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