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Before Assembling The Mold, You Need To Understand

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First, be familiar with the assembly process

The assembly process specification of the plastic injection mold is the process document of the mold assembly process and operation method, and also the technical document for guiding the mold assembly work, and is the basis for the assembly production planning and technical preparation. Therefore, workers must carefully read the assembly procedure before assembly to understand and master the entire process of assembling the mold.

Second, thoroughly understand the assembly drawing

Assembly drawing is the main basis for mold assembly. Plastic injection auto parts is an example. In general, the structure of the mold largely determines the assembly sequence and method of the mold. In-depth analysis of the assembly drawing, assembly drawing and parts drawing, can understand the structure characteristics and work performance of the mold; understanding the role of various parts in the mold and their mutual relations, matching requirements and connection methods to determine a reasonable assembly Benchmarks, combined with process specifications, establish assembly methods and assembly sequences.

Plastic Injection AUTO Parts


Apr, 2018
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