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The Place That It Is Easy To Cut a Knife In CNC Machining

Source: Kunshan JST Industry Co., Ltd.

In the CNC machining process, the conditions that is easy to break the knife:

This is the result of the operator's experience. Beginners may not consider these aspects. Therefore, similar encounters in processing may require attention.

(1) Generally, it is very easy to break the knife if we do not pay attention when we mill the trough. If we do not promptly knock out the place that has not been milled in the middle, the cutter will snap off during the fast milling.

(2) We did not pay attention to the processing contents on the drawings during processing, and we also had broken knife or plane collision when our code molds had just processed places.

(3) The knife was not caused by machining the knife. When finishing, we must remember to test the pendulum. We must also be familiar with the material of each template when processing. We must be familiar with the hardness of these materials to process, and different materials must be treated differently.

The CNC milling aerospace component, precision machined aircraft component processing requires special attention to these things.

CNC Milling Aerospace Component


Mar, 2018
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