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How Can Do Precision Plating Better?

In recent years, the Injection Mold industry structure accelerate adjustment, mainly for large, precision, complex long life mold. If you want to do a good job of precision plating, you need to pay attention to the following:

1.Select the appropriate type of surface treatment. The electroless nickel plating is the best in terms of the uniformity of the thickness of the coating. The preferred thickness range of the plating supplier can be controlled at plus or minus 1 micron, but for some Precision Machined Parts, the customer does not want any change in the thickness of the surface treatment, then some chemical conversion film can be used.

2.Choose the right raw material, this is particularly important in the anode reaction. For some of the precision assembly parts, customer want the same color, then all parts needs to use the same grade of aluminum alloy material, more stringent, need the same material suppliers with the same grade, the same batch of raw materials.

3.It is necessary to reserve the appropriate plating allowance. In many cases, in order to meet the requirements of corrosion, must be plated a certain thickness of the coating.

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Apr, 2017
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