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What Factors Will Affect Precision Machining Dimension?

Generally, the accuracy of Precision Machining is affected by many factors, such as casting structure, material, mold making, shell making, roasting and pouring. Any part or unreasonable operation will change the shrinkage of castings, resulting in deviation of casting dimensional accuracy with requirements.

1. The impact of casting structure: casting wall is thick, its shrinkage rate is big, on the contrary, the shrinkage is small.

2. The impact of casting materials: the higher the carbon content in material, the smaller line shrinkage rate.

3. Mold on the shrinkage of casting, shell materials and shell calcination will impact accuracy of Precision Castings.

4. The impact of casting temperature: the higher the pouring temperature, the greater the shrinkage, otherwise, the shrinkage is small, so the pouring temperature should be appropriate.

Precision Machining


Jan, 2017
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