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Manufacturing Facilities

JST Industry is equipped with the most advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software for tooling design, data analysis and manufacturing, and has set up the network of ERP to share resources. Our manufacturing facilities are imported from Japan, Germany and Switzerland, the equipment list is as follows.

CNC Machining Plastic Injection Casting, Die Casting, Forging Stamping & Welding

Based on our manufacturing facilities and the local co-operating factories, we could do the sand castings, investment castings (lost wax castings), aluminum alloy die-casting, zinc alloy die-castings and forgings. We could also do the additional machining for these parts, and also the finish treatment (heat treatment, sand blasting & anodizing, polishing, powder coating, etc..) as well.

  • Wax ModelingWax Modeling
    Wax Modeling
    Shell MakingShell Making
    Shell Making
  • Shell DrynessShell Dryness
    Shell Dryness
    Dewaxing & RoastingDewaxing & Roasting
    Dewaxing & Roasting
  • Aluminum Alloy Die-castingAluminum Alloy Die-casting
    Aluminum Alloy Die-casting
    Zinc Alloy Die-castingZinc Alloy Die-casting
    Zinc Alloy Die-casting
  • Forging EquipmentForging Equipment
    Forging Equipment
    Forging PlantForging Plant
    Forging Plant
  • Sand CastingSand Casting
    Sand Casting
    Sand blastingSand blasting
    Sand blasting
  • MeltshopMeltshop
  • Metallographic microscopeMetallographic microscope
    Metallographic microscope
  • Universal tensile testing machineUniversal tensile testing machine
    Universal tensile testing machine
    The fluorescent powder flaw detection machineThe fluorescent powder flaw detection machine
    The fluorescent powder flaw detection machine
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