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Experience in The Use of Metal Stamping Dies

Stamping dies, also known as die, metal mold, metal stamping dies such as China Metal Stamping, mean almost the same. It refers to a pressure processing method that uses a mold fixed on a punch press or a press to apply a certain pressure to a metal or non-metal plate to separate or shape the material, thereby obtaining a part with a certain size requirement and an appearance quality. There are many kinds of molds, and I mainly focus on the metal stamping molds that I am familiar with.

China Metal Stamping

The products processed by the mold are basically the same in size and appearance. There is no big difference because of rapid molding, high production efficiency, stable product quality, accurate accuracy, high material utilization rate, simple operation and low labor intensity. The technical requirements of the operators are not high. As long as the general people come in and follow others for a day or two, they will be able to get started soon, and some even can learn in a few minutes without a day or two.

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Dec, 2018
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