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  • What is CNC milling stainless steel parts

    Stainless steel parts refers to a steel alloy resistant to air, steam, water, and chemical corrosive media such as acid and alkali. As its outstanding mechanical properties, stainless steel is popular in CNC milling services, which provides large amounts of precision CNC milling stainless steel parts for surgical equipment, electronics hardware, automotive, aerospace equipment, food processing machinery and more industries.

  • What are the benefits of CNC turning steel parts?

    CNC turning steel parts poses a huge challenge to the tool industry, which is widely used in industry. When developing new turning insert materials and chip-breaking geometries, we must consider the machinability of CNC turning steel parts. A group of CNC turning steel parts that provide a long service life in corrosive environments are being used frequently. Other groups of CNC turning steel parts containing chromium and nickel with different specific gravities are used in the aerospace industry where requires high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

  • What is CNC turning steel parts?

    Steel, a popular metal alloy consists of iron, some carbon and sometimes added other elements, is commonly used in CNC machining parts and owns a wide range of markets among the worldwide clients. So, the CNC turning steel parts including CNC carbon steel, alloy steel, mild, galvanized, and stainless-steel parts. CNC turning steel parts range from low-nickel alloys with medium processing difficulty to high-temperature alloys with difficult processing.

  • What are the benefits of CNC turning brass parts?

    CNC turning parts is a manufacturing process in which bars of material are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape. Brass CNC turned parts and copper components utilizing high-grade raw material and advanced machinery which make CNC turning brass parts in accordance with international quality standards that are applied in a broad range of industries and devices.

  • What is CNC turning brass parts?

    Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc, with strong wear resistance, ow coefficient of friction, low melting point, good malleability, and high corrosion resistance. So the brass is an ideal material for manufacturing CNC machining parts. Brass CNC turned parts production apply high-quality brass and complete technology system based on your drawing and printing, CNC turning service from materials selection, production, surface treatment to testing and last packaging to make sure long service life and users satisfaction.

  • What are the characteristics of CNC machining plastic parts?

    CNC machining has always been traditionally thought of as a method for processing methods. However, the modern industry has been constantly increasing precision demands towards parts of all possible materials, which served as a reason for CNC plastic machining parts technologies development. CNC machining plastic parts has now occupied a considerable niche in high precision low volume and prototype manufacturing of plastic parts.


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