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  • The production of CNC turning steel parts

    In the production of CNC turning steel parts, because of the precision and complexity of machine tools, there are strict production requirements when using machine tools to produce CNC turning steel parts. The CNC turning steel parts must be produced by the requirements in each process of production

  • What are the benefits of CNC turning steel parts?

    CNC turning steel parts poses a huge challenge to the tool industry, which is widely used in industry. When developing new turning insert materials and chip-breaking geometries, we must consider the machinability of CNC turning steel parts. A group of CNC turning steel parts that provide a long service life in corrosive environments are being used frequently. Other groups of CNC turning steel parts containing chromium and nickel with different specific gravities are used in the aerospace industry where requires high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

  • What is CNC turning steel parts?

    Steel, a popular metal alloy consists of iron, some carbon and sometimes added other elements, is commonly used in CNC machining parts and owns a wide range of markets among the worldwide clients. So, the CNC turning steel parts including CNC carbon steel, alloy steel, mild, galvanized, and stainless-steel parts. CNC turning steel parts range from low-nickel alloys with medium processing difficulty to high-temperature alloys with difficult processing.

  • Why use CNC turning brass parts for your project?

    Brass is one of the most commonly used materials in NC turning because of its excellent ductility, thermal conductivity, durability, mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance. Brass is a kind of malleable alloy mainly composed of copper and zinc, which is easy to process, shape and punch.

  • Why use stainless steel turning parts for your project?

    Stainless steel is one of the most popular choices for building materials. For centuries, stainless steel has been used in architecture, engineering, landscape, indoor and marine construction. Rugged, versatile, and recyclable. Here is a brief overview of stainless steel, its properties, and the advantages you get from it.


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