Aluminum parts CNC milling

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Aluminum parts CNC milling

Aluminum alloy parts are widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry after aluminum parts CNC milling due to their excellent material properties. aluminum parts CNC milling has the advantages of high efficiency and high precision. According to the processing characteristics and requirements of aluminum parts CNC milling, select suitable programming cutting parameters, CNC programming of common structural characteristics, and other aluminum parts CNC milling processing technology applications.



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Aluminum parts CNC milling process.

Aluminum parts CNC milling Improvement

Aluminum parts CNC milling cutting oil of choice.



Aluminum parts CNC milling process

The cutting performance of aluminum alloy parts is good, but in the process of aluminum parts CNC milling, it is easy to deform if the process plan or setting is improper, causing dimensional errors. The process plan of rough work and fine work is usually adopted. The specific process flow is as follows: blank → rough turning → rough milling → aging → fine turning → fine milling.

(1) Rough milling process of workpiece cavity

The main purpose is to remove the large margin of aluminum parts CNC milling and lay a good foundation for the subsequent precision work. This process requires milling out the inner contour according to the CNC milling structure diagram of the aluminum parts shown and completes the datum holes required by the precision work in advance.

(2) High-speed precision milling process of workpiece cavity

In the high-speed milling process, due to the small cutting force, the deformation of the parts can be reduced. It is more suitable for aluminum parts CNC milling, and the chips are removed in a short time, and most of the cutting heat is taken away by the chips. The aluminum parts are CNC milled. The thermal deformation of milling is small, which helps to ensure the dimensional accuracy of aluminum parts CNC milling.

(3) Drilling process of the workpiece reference hole

Part Seiko alloy selected center hole as a reference hole formed in the center hole boring after finishing sewing cylindrical must be completed before the reference hole Seiko cavity.



Aluminum parts CNC milling Improvement

1. Reduce the stress and deformation of the blank

If the excess part of the blank is pre-milled during aluminum parts CNC milling to reduce the margin of each part, it can not only reduce the deformation of the process during aluminum parts CNC milling in the future but also can release part of the internal stress after being placed for some time.

2. Improve the cutting ability of the tool

The material and geometric parameters of the tool have an important influence on the cutting force and cutting heat. The correct selection of the tool is very important to reduce the deformation of aluminum parts CNC milling.

3. Selection of tool geometry parameters

Under the condition of maintaining the strength of the cutting edge, a larger rake angle can reduce the deformation of aluminum parts CNC milling. The size of the relief angle has a direct effect on the wear of the flank surface and the surface quality.

4. Improve the structural characteristics of the tool

Due to the large plasticity and cutting deformation of the aluminum alloy material, a larger chip holding space is required, so the bottom radius of the chip pocket should be larger and the number of milling cutter teeth should be smaller.

5. Improve the clamping method for aluminum parts CNC milling

For thin-walled aluminum alloy workpieces with poor rigidity, the following clamping methods can be used to reduce deformation. Thin-walled bushing parts should be compressed with a more rigid axial end face to avoid clamping deformation when milling the outer circle. To get satisfactory accuracy.



Aluminum parts CNC milling cutting oil of choice

Cutting oil is a lubricating medium that must be used in the aluminum parts CNC milling. High-precision aluminum parts CNC milling has higher requirements for the cooling, lubrication, penetration, and cleaning performance of the cutting oil. When using waste engine oil, vegetable oil, etc. instead of special cutting oil, it is prone to burrs, scratches, damage, deformation, etc., and the tool life will be greatly reduced.

(1) High-efficiency cutting oil has super lubricating performance, lower friction coefficient, and higher extreme pressure.

(2) The special cutting oil film has strong adhesion, and the strong oil film can effectively protect the tool and improve the surface quality of the workpiece.

(3) Good cold removal performance can effectively inhibit temperature rise, reduce sintering and seizing, and have special effects in reducing chipping and broken taps.

(4) The special aluminum alloy cutting oil uses non-corrosive vulcanized additives as the main agent, which can effectively avoid problems such as rust and blackening of the workpiece and skin allergies.



At last

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