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What Do You Need To Know Before Assembling A Plastic Injection Mold?

Source: Kunshan JST Industry Co., Ltd.

First, open up the assembly site.

When assembling a plastic injection molded medical box, a good assembly site is needed. The site must be clean and tidy and free of debris. At the same time, the necessary tools, clamps, gauges, and other necessary assembly equipment used in the assembly must be prepared and wiped. Clean, open up a venue for civilized production.

Second, prepare standard parts and related materials.

Each set of injection mold has a lot of standard parts, such as screws, pins, nuts, springs, etc., although their number is not many, but many specifications, in order to smooth the assembly, these parts must be found one by one at the beginning of the assembly, It is easy to find when preparing for assembly. In addition, auxiliary materials required for assembly, such as rubber and adhesives, are also prepared as required.

Plastic Injection Molded Medical Box


Apr, 2018
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