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Do you know the advantages of plastic Injection molding for quick mold change system?(A)

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The rapid change system for plastic injection molding has been used extensively in home appliances, electronics, and automotive industries for parts processing. So what is the advantages of quick mold changing system for injection molding ?

1) Easy to install; no need to change the appearance of the injection molding; no need to punch holes in the injection molding. Just use the bolts to fix the special disk in the screw hole or T-shaped groove of the back plate of the injection molding.

2) The safety factor is high. The quick change system only needs to go through a short period of charging and demagnetizing actions during the change. No power supply is required during normal use. The magnetic force is strong, and the magnetic power is not changed disappeared or diminished with time and temperature, so it is both economical and safe.

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Mar, 2018
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