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Four Tips to Pay Attention to The Plastic Mold Maintenance

1.Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer should be equipped with a card for each pair of Plastic Mold, for recording its detailed statistics, the use of care, cleaning, damage, the molding process parameter, material and so on, in order to shorten the test run time of the mold and improve the production efficiency. 

2.The processing enterprises should test the mold performance and formed plastic parts size measurement in the normal operation of the Injection Molding machine. Through these existing state information can determine the damage state of the mold and maintenance measures. 

3.To focus on several important parts of die tracking detection. For example, ejection and guide member;s role is to ensure the mold opening and closing movement and top out of plastic parts, if any damage caused by parts and stuck, it will lead to production. It should keep the mold lubrication thimble, guide pins. Therefore, after the end of each production cycle should die with heater, heating rod and thermocouple probe with an ohmmeter measure.

4.We should pay attention to the surface of mold maintenance, it directly affects the surface quality of the products, the focus is to prevent corrosion. So choose a suitable, high quality, professional rust preventive oil is particularly. 

Plastic Mold


Sep, 2017
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