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Do You Know The Plastic Injection Molding?

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Plastic molding is also known as "plastic injection molding," and the processing of plastic components is a very different process. But what is the difference between them? 

First, let's know what they are. During the process of injection molding, the plastic particles, which are rigid when cooled but sticky at higher temperatures, are heated to their melting point and then injected into the cavity. As they cool, they harden in the shape of the cavity.

However, plastic machining is the process of cutting plastic out of a larger shave.

How do they stack up?

Plastic processing costs up to 25 times the plastic molding. However, plastic parts are sometimes cheaper to process. How could this be?

The reason is the cost of making the initial part of the part. It can range in price from $ 5,000 to $ 200,000, depending on the complexity. Molding plastic can be a cheaper process, but if you only need a few parts - and you spend $ 10,000 to make their initial mold, you spend more than just machining the parts.

If you or your company make a choice between plastic molding and machining, we hope you keep in mind the following points:

If you need a few hundred or fewer parts, the best bet is probably plastic processing.

If you are thinking about molding, be sure to compare the cost of creating the initial mold with the processing cost.

If (1) your project requires high accuracy and / or (2) your part must have uniform surface smoothness, give thought to processing.

plastic  injection molding


Mar, 2018
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