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What Are the Requirements For Die Casting Materials?

1.Requirements for Precision Machined Parts in contact with metal liquids. Good ductility and machinability has high temperature strength, high hardness, high tempering resistance and impact toughness. For high melting point alloys, there is little change in strength and hardness. Is should has good thermal conductivity and thermal fatigue resistance. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, so as to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the Die Casting and the accuracy of the Plastic Mould matching parts. It should has high wear resistance and good heat treatment deformation rate. 

2.Requirements for sliding fitting parts. Good wear resistance and proper strength. Proper hardenability and smaller rate of heat treatment deformation.

3.Requirements for die sets and fastening parts. The die set and the fastening parts should has sufficient strength. 

Die Casting


Sep, 2017
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