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Plastic Injection Molding: Insufficient Filling Or Overflow

We are a professional CNC Machining Supplier. Besides providing complete and high-quality products, we will also share some professional knowledge with you on a regular basis. Today we are going to talk about the failure of Plastic Injection Molding and the reasons for that.

Insufficient packing:

[1] the forming part is too large

[2] too small runner and gate

[3] the nozzle temperature is low

[4] low material temperature or injection pressure

[5] the flow distance in the inner cavity is too long

[6] the mold temperature is low

[7] the injection speed is slow

[8] too little material is supplied

[9] poor exhaust

Material overflow:

[1] insufficient locking force

[2] bad mould

[3] impurities on the mold surface

[4] the projection area of the forming product is too large

[5] the temperature of the material is too high

[6] oversupply of materials

[7] high injection pressure

Plastic Injection Molding


Jul, 2018
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