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Attention to the Use of Plastic Mould

The premise of Plastic Mould assembly is according to the technical requirements of assembly drawings and reflect the standard, thus the mold parts in order to assemble joint, to meet the requirements of the design process, this is the mold assembly. 

1.Be familiar with assembly process regulations: the assembly process specification of Plastic Injection Molding is the process document of the assembly process and operation method of the die. 

2.Thoroughly understand the general assembly drawing, it is the main basis for mould assembly.

3.Check parts.

4.Master plastic mold acceptance technical conditions, it is the quality standard of the injection mould and the basis for the acceptance.

5.Developing assembly site. The plastic mold assembly need to have a good assembly site, the site must be clean.

6.Prepare standard parts and related materials. Each set of molds have many standard parts, such as screws, pins, nut, spring, their specifications are many. 

Plastic Mould


Oct, 2017
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