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The Vacuum Heat Treatment for Plastic Mould

The vacuum heat treatment technology of Plastic Mould is developed in recent years, and it is a new type of heat treatment skill. Its characteristics is the urgent need in the production if fine mold.

The Plastic Injection Mold has the advantages of avoiding heating oxidation and non decarburization, vacuum degassing or degassing, eliminating hydrogen embrittlement. The vacuum heating is slow and the temperature difference between the inside and outside parts of the parts is smaller. The deformation of the parts formed by the vacuum heat treatment technology has been resolved. The plastic mold is the successful development and use of computer simulation skills, making the intelligent heat treatment of Injection Mold become possible. Vacuum quenching, vacuum gas quenching and vacuum tempering are the primary uses. In order to adhere to the excellent characteristics of vacuum heating of workpieces, the selection and formulation of coolant and cooling skills are very important. 

Plastic Injection Mold


Oct, 2017
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