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Injection Molding Products Cracking, In the Process of Where The Problem?

Injection molded parts cracked,that the China Injection Molded Products which are bought from a Chinese manufacturer, or from another country, microcrack, whiteness, cracking on the surface of the part and the trauma crisis caused by the adhesive mold of the part and the adhesive mold of the flow channel. What problems occurred during processing:

(1) excessive processing pressure, excessive speed, more material filling, too long injection and pressure maintaining time will cause excessive internal stress and cracking.

(2) adjust the mold opening speed and pressure to prevent the quick and strong drawing parts from cracking.

(3) adjust the temperature of the mold properly to make it easy to unmold and reduce the material temperature properly to prevent decomposition.

(4) prevent cracking due to low mechanical strength caused by plastic degradation due to weld marks.

(5) properly use the mold release agent, and pay attention to frequently eliminate the air mist and other substances attached to the mold surface.

(6) the residual stress of the workpiece can be eliminated by annealing heat treatment immediately after forming to reduce the generation of cracks.

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Sep, 2018
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