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What Should You Pay Attention to When Operating CNC Milling Machine?

Points for attention during operation of CNC milling machine such as China CNC Milling:

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(1) every time before starting to check on the back of the milling machine lubrication oil pump in the lubricating oil is abundant, the air compressor is on and cutting fluid used in machine oil, etc. 

(2) boot, enough open the total power supply first, and then CNC power source in the open button, the abrupt stop button clockwise rotation, such as milling machine which come from China CNC Machining Supplier after testing all functions under a row of red indicator light on the operation panel (off), machine tool button, to reset the milling machine, in the standby state.
(3) in manual operation, attention must be paid to keep the Z axis in the position of lifting knife before moving in the X and Y directions. In the process of moving, you should not only look at the change of the coordinates on the CRT screen, but also observe the movement of the cutter. When the cutter moves in place, you can then look at the CRT screen for fine-tuning.
(4) in the programming process, for beginners, try to use the G00 command as little as possible, especially in the X, Y and Z three-axis linkage, more attention should be paid.
(5) when using the computer for serial communication, it should be done: first open the milling machine, then open the computer; Turn off the computer before turning off the milling machine such as 5 Axis Precision Machined Military Part.


Oct, 2018
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